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Tuesday, 06 September, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | SS:2845 ATR Movie
Snuf @ 19:55, EST

What's this you see? A news update? Yessir! One or two of us still live!! And, finally, something newsworthy to post about!

The good 'ole boys over at Clancore have released a movie showing off the glory of their work on Starsiege:2845. This is based on the last few weeks of work on the Alpha release, so don't expect it to be perfect, it's still young. Also, if you think it's looking very Tribes2, well, that's because this is made using the Torque engine. The final release will be on the TSE engine, of course, and look ten times better!

Plus, you apparently get to see Kore get run over, be sure to check this one out!

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, right, a link. Silly me.

Monday, 14 March, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | SS:2845 Gametypes
Snuf @ 01:20, EST

Got some info on new gametypes planned for the upcoming SS:2845 project. Check here for more info. Some of the new gametypes look like a lot of fun, if you were to ask me, which you didn't, but tough, I told you anyway.

Convoy An operation all too familiar to veterans of the Cybrid wars. One team forms a convoy of four vehicles and its escorts. At least half the convoy vehicles must make it across the map to win, while their escorts must ensure their safety in enemy-occupied territory. The other team is tasked with intercepting the convoy and destroying at least three of its critical vehicles before they can break through.

Wednesday, 16 February, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | 2845 Now In TSE Flavour
Kore @ 13:42, EST

A very big announcement today in Starsiege 2845 news.

Citing problems with getting T:V to cooperate in terms of modding it, Trajan had this news to announce today:

So I have discussed the situation with VU games at length, and they have graciously agreed to allow us great leeway in regards to what we can do to make sure this project reaches fruition and achieves success, and have given us their blessing for the following to occur:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, going forward from today, Clancore will be joining the ranks of developers working with Garage Games and their upcoming Torque Shader Engine in making Starsiege:2845 a full fledged stand alone game project, and it will no longer be a MOD for Tribes:Vengeance.

See our forums or the thread at the SS2845 forums for full details.

Monday, 31 January, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | Starsiege ATR Delay and News
ConfigSys.boy! @ 09:40, EST

Starsiege 2845 producer Jake Massie has made the official announcement over at the staff forums that the ATR release date has been moved back to late February at the earliest. The primary reasons cited for the delay are the lateness of the Vengeance patch and the general expectations surrounding the ATR and the need for more polish. From the horse's mouth:

In our opinion releasing the simplistic product we had originally invisioned[sic] would be severely detrimental to the popularity of this project, because 90% of the people simply won't bother to RTFM and understand the difference between an alpha and a beta. Therefore we have gone back to the woodshed and are working hard on adding more features than we originally intended and tightening things up to a more polished looking level. This may take even longer than the end of February, but for now we think we'll make it in time.

Additionally he tells us that the final release of the project will be broken up into single player and multi-player components. This will allow the team to get the multi-player portion of the game out the door as quickly as possible to build interest and support for the product, while spending as much time as needed polishing the single player experience.

Bittersweet news to be sure, but Jake has been kind enough to soften the blow with some new screenshots showing off the development of some of the ATR maps.

As per our usual habit, there's more where those came from in our Starsiege 2845 Screenshot Gallery.

Monday, 17 January, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | 2845 Places Third in MotY Contest
ConfigSys.boy! @ 10:38, EST

The Starsiege 2845 team has received more accolades this week, by placing third in ModDB's “Best Upcoming Mod” category for their Mod of the Year awards. 2845 plays runner up to a Warcraft 3 mod called Project Revolution, and Sven Co-Op II for Half-Life 2.

Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

ZoneVox Reports | Cybrid WIP Pics
ConfigSys.boy! @ 11:09, EST

Owing to the lack of real news on tap, Starsiege 2845 producer Jake Massie has drummed up some Cybrid WIP pics for us to enjoy. He prefaces these with the caveat that neither of these items will be available in the ATR, so you're still going to have to wait a while to actually play with these, but that doesn't detract from the fact that they both look bad-ass.

Monday, 27 December, 2004

ZoneVox Reports | Test of Mettle
ConfigSys.boy! @ 13:37, EST

A new Starsiege title just would not be complete without some new fiction to accompany it, and the fine folks at ClanCore do aim to please. Not ones to overlook even the slightest detail, and as obsessive over the universe as we ourselves are, they have served up a brand new piece of Starsiege fiction by the chief storyteller of this franchise, Blake Hutchins himself. "Test of Mettle" is the first new piece of official fiction in the Starsiege and Tribes Universe in over four years, and we are thrilled to have added it to our Official Fiction collection.

So check it out here, or hit the original release at the official Starsiege 2845 website, but either way read it now!

Monday, 20 December, 2004

ZoneVox Reports | Renegades On the Way
ConfigSys.boy! @ 08:20, EST

The popular Tribes 1 mod, Renegades, is back with a Vengeance - or will be soon at any rate. The RenWerx team has unveiled their first preview of the upcoming Tribes Vengeance morpher, complete with screenshots and a rundown of what to expect from the latest iteration of this perennial Tribes modification.

Monday, 06 December, 2004

ZoneVox Reports | TW Turns 5
ConfigSys.boy! @ 13:52, EST

TribalWar celebrates their fifth anniversary today. Swing by and wish the unwashed denizens congratulations on an amazing run. Five years is like two decades in Internet life, so congrats TribalWar. We're not sure how you did it, or even why. In fact we're vaguely disturbed. Happy Birthday though!

Saturday, 04 December, 2004

ZoneVox Reports | The Badger Unveiled
ConfigSys.boy! @ 12:09, EST

The Starsiege 2845 team has unveiled one of the infantry vehicles that will be available in the final game, the Badger! Check it out:

ATAEM-V "Badger" (FAV-9)

The Badger series of trucks are all-terrain, all-environment multipurpose utility vehicles designed to carry passengers and infantry supplies despite the worst Mercurial heat, Venusian acid, Martian dust, and outer system cold. Badgers can be outfitted for a variety of missions, but increasingly popular is the fast attack vehicle configuration with 40mm autocannon. In this configuration, designated FAV-9, the Badger is ideally suited to armed reconnaissance missions, since the autocannon’s coaxial camera can double as a short periscope. Even more important in the eyes of the infantry, though, the autocannon gives Badger drivers the firepower necessary to deliver critical supplies to men and women in the very midst of combat.