1876 Letcher County Deaths

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Name, age, condition Death Date Cause of Death Location Born Parents 
Amburgy, William C
2, infant
Aug 15 diptheria Letcher Hiram & Ludicy Amburgy
Combs, Sariah
Mar 22 diptheria Letcher George A & Milley Combs
Sexton, Lana
27, female, single
occupation listed as "house drugery"
Sept 7 consumption Letcher William A & Elender Sexton
Campbell, Margaret
Feb 1 dypthera Letcher William & Catherine Campbell
Lusk, Samuel
91, widower, farmer
Apr 8 not known Green Co Tn Joseph & Ruth Lusk
Hylton, Catharine
66, married, 
house wifery
Oct 31 not known Taswell Va James & Cinty Grifitts
Adams, Jesse A
Nov 26 not known Letcher Joseph & Sariah Adams
Wright, Morgan
Jan 15 not known Letcher  George & Mary Wright
Reynolds, Drewsila
27, married,
house wifery
Aug 27 consumption Letcher Joseph & Martha Craft
unnamed male
Dec 19 dypthera Letcher George & Mary Wright
unnamed male
Aug 7 not known Letcher Stephen & Drewsila Reynolds
Hughston,Joseph P
May 20 dropsey Letcher Nathaniel & Elizabeth Hughston
Yonts, Solomon
70, married, farmer
Sept 1 not known Tn William & Margret Yonts
Collins, Benjamin F
Sept 10 dypthera Letcher James Collins
Yonts, James A
Sept 21 dypthera Letcher John W & Nancy J Yonts
Kincer, Liddy
May 26 not known Letcher David & Mary Kincer
Yonts, Nancy J
24, married
house wifery
Aug 6 consumption Floyd Co Owen & Catharine Hall
Pigman, Floria
Aug 22 not known Floyd Co Doctor & Rachel Pigman
Amburgy, Jesse
Feb 2 not known Letcher William & Susanah Amburgy
Calhoon, Samuel D
33, married, farmer
June 22 consumption Letcher Ransom & Mary Calhoon
Parks, Lucy L
Aug 28 diptheria Letcher  F C & Susanah Parks
Bowling, Fanny
Oct 21 not known Letcher Daniel & Sariah Bowling
Cornett, Lourainy
37, married
house wifery
June 14 consumption Perry Co Squire & Harriett Whitaker
Combs, Herny W
23, married, farmer
May 11 fever Letcher Russell H & Dicy Combs
unnamed male
Feb 22 hives Letcher Stephen & Sariah Brown
Brown, Leroy
Oct 28 not known Letcher George W & Susanah Brown
Maggard, Randolph
76, married, farmer
Nov 9 dropsey Scott Co Va Samuel & Rebeca Maggard
Maggard, Rebecaan
July 1 not known Letcher Isom & Maryjane Maggard
Caudill, Rachel M
blank, married
house wifery
July 1 consumption Letcher Preston Robbards
Back, James D
Oct 19 croup Letcher David & Nancy Back
Hogg, Ardely
Dec 2 dypthera Letcher Stephen & Emily Hogg
Hogg, Ira
Nov 30 dypthera Letcher Stephen & Emily Hogg
Caudill, Green
Oct dypthera Letcher Henry B or R D & Mary Caudill
Combs, Benton
Mar 9 dypthera Letcher Shadrick & Elizabeth Combs
Combs, Dora
Mar 23 dypthera Letcher Shadrick & Elizabeth Combs
Adams, Randolph
76, widower, farmer
Dec not known Letcher John & Hetty Adams
Adams, Lucinda
29, married
house wifery
Oct 21 not known Letcher Wesley & Elizabeth Combs
Mead, Thomas
75, widower, farmer
Oct 9 shot Letcher Samuel & Chathrine Mead
Combs, James
18, single, farmer
Jan 23 cut with a ax Letcher Margeret Combs
Caudill, Arminda B
Oct 12 dypthera Letcher Henry B or R D & Mary Caudill
Amburgy, Melviny
June 18 dypthera Letcher John S & Jane Amburgy
Robbards, Rachel
Nov 5 dypthera Letcher Stephen & Susanah Robbards
Banks, Jane
60, married
house wifery
June 20 cancer Perry Co Jonathan & Elizabeth Frazier
Ison, Nancy
39, married,
house wiferry
Oct 15 fever Perry Co Eli & Mary Hall
Reynolds, Albritton
Aug 2 dypthera Letcher Joseph & Mary Reynolds
Madden, Lucyan
Sept 16 dypthera Letcher Jeptha & Marinda Madden
Pigman, Elizabeth
July 17 dypthera Letcher Breck & Lucinda Pigman
Stamper, Cicrow
2, male
July 7 dypthera Letcher James & Elizabeth Stamper
Short, Margret
21, married,
house wifery
Jan 26 palpatation of hart Letcher John B & Nancy Pigman
Ingram, Clark L
15, single, farmer
Dec 15 cold Letcher Hiram & Luvicy Ingram
Taylor, Rebecca
67, married,
house wifery
Oct 15 dropsey Grason Co Va Jeremiah & Rebeca Aborn
Kiser, John
Oct 5 not known Letcher Saml & Phebajane Kiser
Taylor, Calvin
July 10 diereree Letcher John & Susan M Taylor
Brown, Dianah
Dec 26 not known Letcher William & Lettishia Brown
Ison, Wilson
60, married, farmer
Apr 24 not known Scott Co Va Isaac & Rebeca Ison
Fields, Martha
56, married,
house wifery
Apr 11 consumption Lee Co Va blank
Ingram, Arminda
June 7 not known Letcher blank
Diereberry, Rachelan?
Nov 30 croop Letcher Barnabus & Elizabeth Deeribery
Caudill, Benjamin
54, married, farmer
Oct 20 fevor Harlan Herny & Pheba Caudill
Hall, Elizabeth
Sept 5 dypthera Letcher John W & Jane Hall
Higgans, Hiram
10, black male
Apr 6 not known Letcher Thomas & Jane Higgins
Adams, Jesse
24, black male
Dec shot himself Letcher Daniel & Niby Adams

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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