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Profile Notes From A Ceiling

Notes From A Ceiling

The Mess Hall


Cayman Island Mafia

Release Date:
Jun 2005
Pic:courtesy of Shock Records

According to The Mess Hall’s singer songwriter Jed Kurzel, his only recollection of recording their forth coming album is that drummer Cec Condon nearly set fire to the studio whilst barbecuing, and that whilst suffering a bout of vertigo, the attending doctor was more interested in whether the band were touring on the next Big Day Out than curing his ailment.

Regardless, the band emerged from their Byron Bay hide away with no visible burns and a record – “Notes From A Ceiling”, one of the more hotly anticipated Australian albums to be released in 2005..

‘We approached the recording of this album as honestly as we could, and hope that the final results reflect that when people listen to it. It may surprise people that this is a Mess Hall record, which is what we wanted to do.” – Jed Kurzel

There is always going to be a certain amount of expectation for a band’s first album, especially when the band has so teasingly drawn out their EP releases and toured so relentlessly. “There’s always that doubt when you finish a record”, Condon admits.

Condon adds, “It’s a very raw record”. Rather than modifying the gritty, rough-aroundthe-edges blues sound characteristic of the band, Condon explains that the new album exploits the style further. He describes Notes From A Ceiling as more suited to the “patient Mess Hall fan” as opposed to radio fodder.

Now free from the generalisations of the two-piece band craze, Condon feels confident that the new album will further put these myths to rest.

“Definitely, I think the album should stop [the comparisons]. It doesn’t sound like any typical two piece album. It’s a lot different. And we’re all different bands [anyway].”

Source:courtesy of Shock Records

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Track Listing
Track/Artist Type Size Duration
 Call it Black
 Disco 1
 Shaky Ground
 Metal and Hair
 Disco 2
 Red Eyes and Sunshine

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