by Bobby Coakley

Real name: Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran
First appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 3
Favorite quote: "GET AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!" (Amazing Spider-Man 283, to Spider-Man after he roughed up the Absorbing Man.)
Team affiliation: Titania is a team player. She was part of the huge collection of Super-Villains during the Secret Wars, later part of the Masters of Evil, and one of the Loki-gathered group of villains during the Acts of Vengeance. These days, she mostly spends her time with Crusher Creel, first her boyfriend, now her husband. Originally a scrawny girl from Denver, "Skeeter" MacPherran was in the suburb of Denver that got spirited away by the Beyonder to his "Battleworld" where the Secret Wars were fought. "Skeeter" was approached by Dr. Doom and offered super powers in exchange for service to him. Titania fought the She-Hulk and won, but later lost to Spider-Man due to his experience and agility. After returning to Earth, Titania hooked up with Crusher Creel, Thor's foe, better known as the Absorbing Man. They were an item for a while, and recently got married after promising Thor they'd go legit. In light of Thor's recent "removal" from this reality, it seems both of them have "forgotten" this promise.
Powers: Titania possesses superhuman strength and durability putting her on par with the She-Hulk. She has a number of psychological hang-ups, often stemming from defeats at the hands of the She-Hulk and Spider-Man. Also, she and Creel are a bit... overprotective of each other.

Favorite storyline: Amazing Spider-Man 283, when Titania overcomes her fear of Spider- Man to save Crusher Creel from him. Almost inspiring, except it led Spidey to seriously consider quitting the web-slinging biz (and we all know what a wild success that was!).
Least favorite storyline: Thunderstrike 16, when she had Thunderstrike and Crusher arrange some kind of "grudge match" between her and the She-Hulk. Not only did Titania cheat, but she lost anyway.
Future for the character: The Absorbing Man recently battled Daredevil. Where Titania was during the battle remains to be seen.


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