Glassware, China, & Silver


China bowl and silver loving cup.  Donated by Gail Sherman, great-granddaughter of founder John B. Stetson.  The beautiful china bowl was a gift to John B. Stetson in 1905 from E.H. Talton.  (Pictures of inscriptions on one side and the other side.)   We have found evidence that in 1934 Emmett H. Talton was the Superintendent of Groves for the John B. Stetson Estate and he is the most likely gift-giver, although it is possible, given the year of the gift, that it was Mr. Talton’s father who gave the bowl to Mr. Stetson.  


The sterling silver cup is inscribed, “Presented to Capt. Jno. B. Stetson, Jr. A.S. by his staff.  Second Aviation Instruction Center, France, December 28, 1918.”  John B. Stetson, Jr. was the son of founder John B. Stetson.


Another loving cup in the collection is dated 1904.  This silver-plated cup is inscribed “Given by the DeLand Aquatic Club, 1904.”


This Havilland limoges plate was used in the home of John B. Stetson between 1893 and 1906.  It was presented to Mrs. John E. Johns (former Stetson first lady) by Mrs. Alberta Anderson, whose in-laws were friends of Mr. and Mrs. Stetson.


More recently, Stetson issued a series of collector’s plates that feature different building on campus, including Hulley Tower and the President’s Home.



Last update: September 13, 2005