News - Sept 1 2006
On vacation!
We'll be back
with a new season
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News - June 1 2006
Mp3 of the Second
Life Theme song
from Episode 08 now available.

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#10 Season Finale (Aug 29th, 2006)

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 Episode 10: Season Finale (Aug 29th, 2006)
 Bargain Bin Review: Defender
 Live from UCB Theatre NYC (July 29th, 2006)
 A live performance of Tra5hTa1k with guest Jonathan Coulton
 Episode 9: Red Orchestra (Jun 9th, 2006)
 Gaming News: More Jack Thompson.
 Episode 8: Second Life Vacation (May 26th, 2006)
 ILL Will takes a vacation in Second Life and falls in love.
 Episode 7: CodeMonkey Video (May 11th, 2006)
 Gaming News: E3 2006.
 Gaming News Alert: Nintendo wii (Apr 28th, 2006)
 Mal and Will comment on the Revolution's name change.
 Episode 6: Final Fantasy XI Review (April 24th, 2006)
 Gaming News: Female gamers.
 Plus: Final Fantasy Review
 Episode 5: An Explosively Good Time (Apr 9, 2006)
 Gaming News
 Plus: An email from our fan!
 Episode 4: Waiting for The Load (March 24th, 2006)
 Gaming News: Video game cures 9yr old.
 Plus: Pizza!
 Episode 3: Kill Will (Mar 9, 2006)
 Gaming News
 Plus: Fun with Torque Terrain
 Episode 2: CounterStrike Tips (Feb 23, 2006)
 Gaming News: The New Lara Croft
 Plus: Zomby email
 Episode 1: Introducing Will and Mal (Feb 9, 2006)
 Gaming News: Vaporware 2005 recap
 Plus: ILL Will's ragdoll shots from HalfLife and Battlefield
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