The Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon were introduced in 1978
They were four-door "econobox" cars with styling similar to the Volkswagon Rabbit. The Horizon got it's name from the similar looking Simca & Talbot Horizon built by Chrysler for the european market in the early '70s. The Omni/Horizons were the first front-wheel-drive cars made by Chrysler, and came with "borrowed" Volkswagon 1.7 liter engines, mated to Holley model 5200 2bbl carburetors and Chrysler's electronic spark control system (similar to their "lean burn" system on the V8s)
Transmission options were either a 4 speed manual or a 3speed automatic.
Dealer installed options included simulated woodgrain side panels, along with roof racks & wheel covers.
Omni Euro Sedan
The 2-door Plymouth Horizon TC3 and Dodge Omni O24 sprung off in 1980 on the same frame as the 4-door Plymouth Horizon and Dodge Omni.
Chrysler's goal was to create an economy car with sporty styling, different from the traditional "econobox"
79 TC3
Dodge Omni 024


The Dodge DeTomaso was introduced in 1980 as a dressed up 024
Dodge De Tomaso
Partially influenced by Alejandro DeTomaso of Italy, the vehicle featured a front air dam, rear spoiler, fender flares, louvered rear quarter windows, brushed metal roof "band," cast aluminum "deep-dish" road wheels, and a heavy-duty suspension.
Inside it had black vinyl seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel & shift knob.
Some cars received real hand rubbed wood inserts in the dashboard, instead of the usual simulated woodgrain.
It had the standard 1.7l engine with a 4 speed manual transmission
Chrysler originally intended this vehicle to have a motor modified by Maserati, but it never went through.

Plymouth's version of the DeTomaso was the Turismo TC3
Turismo TC3 Emblem
The "TC3" would be dropped in '83 and changed to just plain Turismo

Dodge Omni Euro-Sedan is introduced. The same as the regular Omni but with black trim instead of chrome.
1981 was the first year for the Chrysler built 2.2 liter engine (84hp)
It was also the year the Horizon TC3 and Omni O24 were changed to just plain TC3 and O24

1981 was the first year for the "Miser" options package.
The Misers were advertised to get 35-51 miles per gallon
Basically the same as the 1980 TC3/024s with the 1.7L engine and less trim

'81 TC3 Sport1981 Plymouth TC3 Sport, an appearance package, with 2 tone paint, rear spoiler, "TC3" decals and different wheels

A company called Jet Electric buys several Omnis & Horizons and converts them to electric power.

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