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Morse 2000 - What is Morse 2000?

Morse Code is one of several adapted computer access methods and augmentative and alternative communication techniques that can be effective in helping enhance the lives of persons with special needs. Those without the ability to speak, sign, or use keyboards may benefit from this proven, 160-year-old system of communication.

Many individuals of all ages who have motoric and/or sensory disabilities are using newly-developed adapted-access software programs, hardware peripherals, and learning methods that allow them use of microprocessor devices via Morse input from switches external to the computer. Even with limited movement or sensory capabilities, people around the world are successfully operating computers and other devices via adapted switching mechanisms and Morse code emulation of keyboard input functions. Research and clinical experience are indicating that the fast rate of entry and low level of physical exertion inherent in Morse code can make it a viable, competitive method of microprocessor control for many disabled persons. This alternative computer access method can help bestow the power of speech output, writing, typing, dialing, graphics, music, and other modes of expression. Also, Morse code input to activate mobility and environmental control devices may open worlds of educational, vocational, and recreational opportunities to many persons previously shut out of these pursuits. Morse code also offers many "no-tech" and "low-tech" applications via eye blink, hand squeeze, tapping, and other easy methods.

Morse 2000 Outreach is a collaborative effort of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's School of Human Sciences & Services Outreach and the Department of Communication Disorders. The program is directed by Debra R. King and Dr. Thomas W. King and has an advisory board made up of leaders in the assistive technology and augmentative and alternative communication fields.

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