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Profile Suburban Kid

Suburban Kid

Bob Evans


Redline Records Australia

Release Date:
Sep 2003
Pic:courtesy of Redline Records

Since the age of thirteen (or there about), Bob Evans has been inhabiting a recess in Kevin Mitchell’s psyche. At first the personality of Bob was easy to ignore, but his presence became ever stronger as the years went by until by the age of twenty, he was beginning to compile a short list of songs based around an acoustic guitar, a pop melody and simple lyrics inspired by the simple life of a suburban kid brought up in Bullcreek, Perth, Western Australia, 6149.

Bob began making tentative steps on to the live stage by the age of 21, armed with only 6 shabby songs about the search for love and playing fullback in the football team. By the age of 24 this song list had grown to many and the live stage appearances had become more frequent. It was at this point that Bob began to formulate the concept of an album, trawling through his life’s work and demoing songs in his back room with a microphone stickytaped to a guitar stand to record his guitars.

In the autumn of 2003, aged twenty five, Bob ventured in to the studio with Adam Said Galore bass player Simon Struthers to produce his debut album, "Suburban Kid". The end result is twelve songs, incorporating country, pop, soul and folk influences and subject matter involving falling in love, broken down cars, falling out of love, coming down off drugs on a Christmas morning, falling in love again, going out on a Friday night, and the wonder of being loved whilst being totally unworthy.

These are simple songs about life’s simple pains and pleasures written by a guy who lives for the simplicities in life. Few of us have grown up on the streets, been to jail and live a tortured life filled with pain, just as few of us have lived privileged lives, attending private schools before obtaining art school degrees. Some of us try to make it look like we've had such lives, by the way we dress or the way we talk or the lifestyles we lead.

Source:courtesy of Redline Records

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Track Listing
Track/Artist Type Size Duration
 Friday Come Five
Windows Media audio 1.1 MB   4:29

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