'''Kenneth Alwyne Pounds''', CBE, FRS (born 17_November 1934) is Emeritus_Professor of Physics at the University_of_Leicester. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, then attended University_College_London where he gained his BSc and PhD. He then moved to Leicester as Assistant Lecturer in 1960. He became Deputy Director of Space Research in 1967, and was one of the pioneers of using Rockets and Satellites for research in the UK. He became first Director of the X-ray_Astronomy group in 1974. His research is in the area of Active_galaxies, and one of his many discoveries is that Black_holes are common in the Universe. Ken Pounds became Professor of Space Physics in 1973. He was appointed Head of the Department of Physics in 1986, and the following year took the decision to merge with the Astronomy department to create the present Department of Physics and Astronomy. He was a member of the Science_and_Engineering_Research_Council, 1980–1984; President of the Royal_Astronomical_Society, 1990–2002; and was seconded as the first Chief Executive of the newly-formed Particle_Physics_and_Astronomy_Research_Council, 1994–1998, following the restructuring of the Research Councils. He then returned to Leicester as Head of Department until his retirement in 2002. He remains active in the Department as a research Fellow. Pounds was elected a Fellow_of_the_Royal_Society in 1981, and received the CBE in 1984. He holds five honorary doctorates, including the rare distinction of an honorary degree from his own institution, the University of Leicester, in 2005. == References == *Pounds, Kenneth A., ISI HightlyCited.com *End of an Era in Physics and Astronomy – University of Leicester press release on Ken Pounds's retirement, October 2002 *University of Leicester Bulletin (PDF), December 2005 / January 2006 – Ken Pounds receives honorary degree Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken Pounds, Ken {{UK-scientist-stub}}