{{Infobox Band | band_name = Makeshift Romeo | image = Image:MakeShiftRomeo.jpgFrom left to right: Virus, Edsel, Tripp, Derek | caption = | years_active = 2005 – Present | origin = | country = United_States | music_genre = Alternative_Rock
Alternative_Metal | record_label = Unsigned | current_members = Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett
Derek DeSantis
Edsel_Dope | past_members = | website = MySpace site }} '''Makeshift Romeo''' (sometimes abbreviated '''MS-R''' or simply '''MSR''' by fans), is a four-piece music group from the United_States. The band was formed by vocalist Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett and bassist Derek DeSantis, after their previous band, Twisted_Method, broke up mid-2005. ==History== Makeshift Romeo came together after the breakup of the Florida-based Nu_metal music group, Twisted_Method. Twisted Method had been in existence since 1998, where the four band members Derrick Tribbett (vocals), Andrew Howard (guitar), Derek DeSantis (bass) and Ben Goins (drums), met through school and ultimately formed a band together. The band was discovered by the management group, "3-Sixty Management", who were impressed by their live show. They subsequently were signed by MCA_Records and released their one and only album titled, ''Escape_from_Cape_Coma'', on July 15, 2003. Twisted Method also appeared at the Ozzfest Tour in 2003, where they performed on the second stage. They also had the highest record sales for all the band's performing on the second stage that year. A second Twisted Method album was in the works (despite record label problems), when it was announced that two of the band members in Andrew Howard and Ben Goins, had quit. Despite this, Tripp and Derek wanted to continue together in a band, and ultimately Makeshift Romeo was formed. Makeshift Romeo got off to a shaky start, when former "Slitheryn" drummer Tom "T-Bone" Burke departed, and ex-Motograter bassist Johnny Nailz left due to "musical differences". In the end, Edsel_Dope of the Industrial_rock band, dope, joined as the full-time drummer, and Virus, also of dope, took the place of Johnny Nailz as of June 2006, taking over guitar duties. The band released their 9 track self-titled EP on July 13, 2006. The band self-released the EP, as they currently aren't signed to a record label. It is only available online or at their live shows. Two of the songs featured, "Hurt Me" and "The Way I Was", were intended for the second Twisted Method album. Makeshift Romeo is currently on the J├Ągermeister sponsored "Summer of Sin Tour" (2006) with dope, Manntis, Bleed the Sky and A New Revolution (ex-Unloco). Tour dates can be found on their MySpace site, as their official site is still under construction. ==Band members== ===Current=== * Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett – Vocals * Virus – Guitar, Backing vocals * Derek DeSantis – Bass, Backing vocals * Edsel_Dope – Drums ===Former=== * Tom "T-Bone" Burke – Drums * Johnny Nailz – Bass ==Discography== {| border="2" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background: #f9f9f9; border: 1px #aaa solid; border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 95%;" |- |'''Album Cover''' |'''Date of Release''' |'''Title''' |'''Label''' |- |Image:Makeshif-Romeo_-_EP.jpg |July 13, 2006 |''Makeshift Romeo [EP]'' |Self-Released |- |} '''Note:''' The EP was originally released December 2, 2005 at the 99x-Mas Ball (Fort Myers, Florida). ==Trivia== * Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett is the half-brother of Mudvayne guitarist Greg_Tribbett, which temporarily got Twisted_Method a nickname as "Mudvayne's Little Brother". One of his other brother's was a drum-techie for Slipknot. ==External links== * MySpace site * The Bitches From Boston Live Photo's Category:2000s_music_groups Category:American_musical_groups Category:Alternative_musical_groups