'''Ron McVan''', born in 1950 in Philidelphia in the United_States is a key figure in the Wotansvolk (racialist Odinist) scene and is good friends with David Lane and Katja_Lane (Katuscha Maddox). He is the founder of Wotansvolk, 14_Word_Press and the Temple_of_Wotan along with both Lanes’. He has written numerous books and articles on Germanic_mysticism and is a well known artist in the genre, both racialist and political and non racialist and political. McVan has been extensive in building a life long career in fine arts, oil painting, sculpture, artistry, pen & ink illustration, jewellery, writing , and poetry. Additionally, he has done extremily extensive research on metaphysics and Indo European (Aryan) cultures. ==Biography== McVan moved to Washington_State in his teenage years and became an artist, travelling widely across the continent with his paintings for a number of years. McVan states that he was never interested in Christianity but explored Eastern religions before finding Odinism. In 1992 McVan and his friend, lawyer Michael_(Reinhold)_Clinton founded an Odinist group names Wotan’s Kindred. They ran courses together on traditional crafts, herbalism and healing, runes and archery, and performed Blots, but their relationship didn’t last due to both personal and ideological differences. As of 2002 he has distanced himself away from this extreme aspect of Wotansism. McVan was a former high ranking member of the World_Church_of_the_Creator. He was a key figure, along with David and Katja Lane in the creation of Wotansvolk, 14_Word_Press (no longer having mailing addresses or websites) and The Temple of Wotan of which are now all three currently defunct organizations. The Temple of Wotan still exists, but the organization is no longer run by Lane or his associates and has distanced itself from racist and neo-nazi ideologies. http://www.templeofwotan.net/ Wotanist groups include the Gambanreidi_Statement, WotansVolk and the Temple of Wotan. WotansVolk and the Temple of Wotan were both founded under the direct influence of David Lane, by his wife Katuscha Maddox (or Katja Lane) and Ron McVan. Ron McVan and Katja Lane have also repeatedly stated their antipathy for Germanic neopaganism, and stated that they reject even the "folkish" Asatru as not being militant enough. Focus Fourteen Issue 2008] Many see McVan's version as basically him using the Northern Gods and Goddesses as a way of promoting his own political agenda. ==Plagiarism== Lane contributed to a book by Ron McVan called '' 'Creed_of_Iron_(book): Wotansvolk Wisdom' '' which was heavily plagiarized from The_Book_of_Blotar published by the [[Odinic Rite]]. and Odinist Stephen_A._McNallen. McVan is ridiculed by many in the Asatru/Odinist community, even the folkish side of this scene, for his blatant plagarism. In both the books by McVan, Temple_of_Wotan_(book) and Creed of Iron, McVan has given no notes, references, influences or to a bibliography, he has not cited his work and neither the Odinic Rite nor McNallen say that he asked permission to use their work. There are swathes of the Odinic_Rite's The_Book_of_Blotar in bopth of his works (mainly the rituals) and for example, the 'Hammer Sign' rite by Stephen_A._McNallen from his book Living_Asatru is copied word for word. They are all passed off as his own work. ==Notes== * Rudgley, Richard - Pagan_Resurrection (2006) First publised in 2006 by Arrow Books Ltd (UK) in Hardback, with 288 pages. ISBN 0712680969 * McVan, Ron, David & Katja Lane (1997). Creed of Iron - Wotansvolk Wisdom. 14 Word Press. ISBN 0-9678123-0-5. * Serrano, Miguel, Ron McVan, Katja Lane (2000). Temple of Wotan - Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes. 14 Word Press. ISBN 0-9678123-3-X. * Gardell, Matthias (2003). Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism. Duke University Press, 269-283. ISBN 0-8223-3071-7. * Lane, David (2004) KD Rebel (2004) fiction - direct link to .rtf file :* Focus Fourteen, Issue number 2008 (2000) - direct link to .doc file: *'''Katja''': Universalist anti-White pagans, and even some so-called "folkish" Asatruars, attack you because you embrace - indeed deem holy - the 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." *'''Ron''': Yes, we have heard them whimper, "But, we only want to be spiritual and preserve our folk religion". To these hypocrites and cowards I ask, "So, you want to preserve our religious heritage for those who survive our racial extinction?" It was apparent from the beginning that contemporary Odinism/Asatru was not necessarily representative of true ancestral and folkish tradition. It was precisely for this reason that we use the Teutonic name Wotansvolk (meaning the folk of Wotan, Odin or Woden) to make a clear distinction between universalists, hobbyists and new age hippie-dippie wiccans, all of whom reduce our religion to parlor games and play-acting. It is utterly shocking that our own racial kin and fellow pagans (as allies of the destroyers of our culture and murderers of our race) attempt to marginalize Wotansvolk. With no substance for vilification, they resort to name-calling, such as "Nazi racists" and other irrelevant and derogatory buzzwords. *'''Katja''': But, these same self-proclaimed "spiritualists" whine that politics and religion do not mix, which defines, I suppose, "resistance to genocide" as "politics". It, also, wrongfully asserts by implication that a political activist by nature cannot be spiritually profound. This is obviously inane error, Ron, as reading your books is concrete proof to the contrary. *'''Ron''': All religions must be political to survive. Every religion and race is, by nature, self-promoting and self-preserving, that is except today's White race. The success of the pogrom of racial annihilation of Aryans is inevitable if there is not resistance. The laws of Nature demand that Aryans fight for their very survival. To preserve our history or spiritual legacy has no value without preserving our gene pool. Extinction is not an option, but it is a certainty if we deny the political reality. ==See also== * David_Lane * Katja_Lane * Wotansvolk * Wotanism * Wotanism * Creed_of_Iron_(book) * Temple_of_Wotan_(book) * Temple_of_Wotan_(organisation) * Guido_von_List * Nazi_mysticism ==External links== * Temple of Wotan * Gambanreidi Statement Category:1950_births Category:Living_people Category:American_neo-Nazis Category:Anti-Semitic_people Category:Neo-Pagans Category:Germanic_neopaganism Category:Nazism Category:Occultists Category:Astrologers