A '''vacuum bed''' (also known as a '''vac bed''' or '''vac rack''') is a rubber contraption used for the purposes of Rubber_fetishism and bondage. It is usually comprised of two sheets of Latex or a rectangular latex bag secured by a metal or plastic tube frame, used for sealing a person inside. A zip usually provides side entry, which must be re-zipped to allow for a perfect vacuum to form inside the vacuum bed. Latex can be replaced by plastic sheeting and a PVC frame for those wishing to make one on a budget. Doing this however, could half the excitement, due to the loss of shiny / stretchy properties which latex is well known for, the feel against ones skin is also lost and depending on the strength of the replacement material it may allow some movement. A powerful home vacuum cleaner can be applied to the task of removing air from between the two sheets of Latex, thereby throroughly encapsulating the user within the two sheets of rubber now held together by external Air_pressure. It is usually needed that the vacuum cleaner be perminently switched on in order to maintain the vacuum, however some beds have one way valves and are super air tight around the zip. This allows the vacuum cleaner to be switched off and the subject can be left to contemplate what has just happened to them in peace. It is necessary for the user to be equipped with a breathing tube, or some form of mask to avoid obvious suffocation. There is also a danger of Positional_asphyxia, as well as the other dangers associated with bondage activities. == Pictures == Here is a picture of somebody experiencing total encapsulation of a Vacuum Bed Image:vacuumbed.jpg This is the same subject, close up. The use of a medical anesthesia mask is used rather than a breathing tube. This is clearly visable as the shape of the mask can be seen through the latex sheet. Image:Vacuumbedwithmask.jpg Below is an image of a latex sauna bag being used, these are similar however no way near as much fun in the eyes of many a fetishist. Image:Dsc00448.jpg == See also == * Vacuum_mattress, a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients in emergencies. ==External links== * The VacBed {{sex-stub}} {{BDSM-stub}} Category:Rubber_fetishism Category:BDSM_equipment Category:Physical_restraint