W. H. Bryson: Publications

Book Reviews

Review of Duncan, High Court of Delegates in 16 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 355, 356 (1972).

Notice of Studien zur europaischen Rechtsgeschichte in 89 Eng. Hist. Rev. 416-417 (1974).

Review of Tittler, Nicholas Bacon: The Making of a Tudor Statesman in 21 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 369-370 (1977).

Review of Lamb, A Virginia Cause (2d ed. 1976) in 4 Va. Bar Assn. Jour. 23 (1978).

Review of Ritchie, The First Hundred Years in 22 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 333-334 (1978).

Review of R. B. Davis, Intellectual Life in the Colonial South in 22 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 348-349 (1978).

Review of Brugger, Beverley Tucker in 22 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 349-350 (1978).

Review of Johnson, Imported Eighteenth-Century Law Treatises in 87 Va. Mag. Hist. Biog. 359-360 (1979).

Review of Dumbauld, Thomas Jefferson and the Law in 87 Va. Mag. Hist. Biog. 367-368 (1979).

Review of McIlwaine, Legislative Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia and McIlwaine, Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia in 88 Va. Mag. Hist. Biog. 207-208 (1980).

Review of W. Blackstone, Commentaries (1979 reprint of 1st ed.) in 25 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 74-75 (1981).

Review of K. Luig & D. Liebs, eds., Das Profil des Juristen in der europaischen Tradition in 26 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 280-281 (1982).

Review of Virginia Lawyers Practice Handbook: Appellate Practice: Va. and Fed. Courts in 12 Va. Bar Assn. Jour. No. 4, 19-20 (Fall 1986).

Review of J. Kukla, ed., The Bill of Rights: A Lively Heritage in 96 Va. Mag. Hist. Biog. 394-395 (1988).

Review of D. Johnston, The Roman Law of Trusts in 34 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 201-203 (1990).

Review of L. M. Hill, Bench and Bureaucracy, The Public Career of Sir Julius Caesar, 1580-1636 in 34 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 413-414 (1990).

Review of C. W. Brooks, R. H. Helmholz, and P. G. Stein, Notaries Public in England Since the Reformation in 38 Am. Jour. Leg. Hist. 88-90 (1994).

Encyclopedia Articles

Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System. ed. R. J. Janosik. New York: Scribner, 1987.

Equity and Equitable Remedies (vol. 2, pp. 545-553)

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. edd. C. R. Wilson and W. Ferris. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Univ. N.C. Press, 1989.

Leon Jaworski (d. 1982)

American National Biography

Edward Barradall (d. 1743)
John Brown (d. 1810)
Dabney Carr (d. 1837)
William Fitzhugh (d. 1701)
Bushrod Washington (d. 1829)

Dictionary of Virginia Biography

George Wayne Anderson (d. 1922)
George Landon Browning (d. 1947)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Richard Francis (d. 1742)
William Senior (d. 1937)
Thomas Trevor (d. 1656)

Oxford Companion to American Law. ed. K. L. Hall. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 2002.

Educator, Legal

Great American Judges. ed. J. R. Vile. Santa Barbara, Cal.: ABC-CLIO, 2003.

Edmund Pendleton

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