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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Brain Bar

Pretty freakin' cool - I want one for my house.
Brainbar is a mechanical bar that mixes drinks according to the visitor's brainwaves. The bar reads the brain frequencies (EEG or electroencephalogram) in the alpha and beta wavelength. These wavelengths are generally considered to be synonymous with the states of relaxation and activity in the mind. Thus the BrainBar serves the drink most suited for you, at the moment of measurement. BrainBar can be seen as a mediator or manipulator designed to give a party its perfect state of enhanced socialising, carefully adjusting the drinks served so that every guest stays within acceptable parameters for a “good” behaviour or, if the settings allow, a “bad” behaviour. By the use of alcohol and medical herb essences, the bar can emotionally equalize or polarize the group of guests. This can be seen as a sociological experiment exploring how much a person is prepared to submit to external forces and how far the person can allow a machine to intrude on the body.


Brian said...

I'm just assuming it'd get stuck serving "sex on the beach" all night.

Thu Sep 07, 01:21:20 AM CDT

Steve said...

haha... depending on where it's installed.

Thu Sep 07, 08:13:45 AM CDT

The Neurocritic said...

Although it's too late for this year's Society for Neuroscience meeting in Atlanta, I think the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Social should set up a BrainBar for their 2007 event in San Diego.

Thu Sep 07, 11:48:27 AM CDT

MoonShadow said...

erm erm about for someone that comes in not drinking alchohol at all?@_@ would it just serve water or just go on with some kind of alchohol-but-doesn't-taste-like-alchohol thing?

Sat Sep 09, 11:18:01 AM CDT

Pete Mandik said...

My own BrainBar should be easy to program: If I have any brain waves, it will serve me another drink.

Tue Sep 12, 07:09:31 PM CDT


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