Trail Siting

A collaborative project with
Homewaters Project and NSCC

Elise Bowditch | Man Wang | Matthew Wilson
A Final Project for GEOG461
Department of Geography, University of Washington

As part of the Homewaters Project, North Seattle Community College would like to have a basemap of their campus, including the core campus and the surrounding green belt, with a focus on the latter. The college has built new trails and would like to be able to create an interpretive trail, using a geographic information system (GIS). The goal of this project is to create an updateable, large scale and accurate basemap for North Seattle Community College using GIS techniques and landscape planning methods. The final product of the project is a GIS containing several data layers of the campus and the surrounding wetland areas. The project will supply Homewaters Project and North Seattle Community College with all documentation, so that they can perform effective trail planning and maintenance. The basemap can be expanded for future use and facilitate students and the community in understanding the campus and the surrounding wetland areas. The GIS will immediately be used by NSCC to analyze potential trail sites and trail signs.
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