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Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Flower Essences, Nutrition, Dietary Advice, Tissue Salts, Lifestyle Counselling, Ear Candling...

Contact NameJulie Durlak
Address203 Myers Street GEELONG
Victoria 3220
Phone03 5222 2611
Fax03 5222 2611
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Naturopathy is one of the oldest forms of medicine where a practitioner follows the laws of nature to help the body heal itself. These include:

* Ensuring each person feels physically, mentally and emotionally well
* Incorporating a diet rich in nutritious wholesome foods in their natural state
* Ensuring adequate elimination of body wastes (toxins)
* Being aware of hereditary factors and supporting these body systems
* Reducing destructive emotions and suppressive drugs
* Receiving adequate exercise, relaxation, fresh air, sunlight and good quality sleep
* Minimizing environmental pollutants
* Using natural medicines which encourage healing and toning rather than suppressing symptoms
* Drinking good quality water and other fluids which cleanse the body

A naturopath's aim is to identify the cause of any illness and help the body to eliminate it which will restore the body's balance.


"All natural in a manageable way"ď

Julie takes the principles of naturopathy and combines them with a treatment plan that will be effective for each patient in a manageable way. Julie understands the pressures of modern day life, lack of nutritional properties in foods that are available, marketing strategies used by companies to entice sales of food and products and from this gives each patient the knowledge of what is actually required for good health.

Julie enjoys the educational side of naturopathy and seeing each patient delight in learning about themselves.

Julie encourages patients to bring in a thorough history of all past medical complaints and medications that have and are being taken. She will also ask about diet and exercise. Julie will then analyse how to optimise each patientís health and will monitor factors such as blood pressure and blood test results (eg cholesterol levels) to return the body into its balanced state.

Julie welcomes any enquiries!


Consultations involve a variety of components:

The initial consultation informs Julie about a patient's health history and susceptibility or possible weaknesses that need strengthening. Julie will ask a lot of varied questions about factors such as past illnesses, energy levels, stress, sleep and medications taken.

Diet is assessed for nutritional intake and exercise and other factors assessed for the effectiveness of body eliminations.

An iridology assessment gives insight into a patients' general constitution and has been shown to be effective in pinpointing areas of weakness.

Medical assessments may also be taken such as pulse, blood pressure, assessing breathing capacity, listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds, general physical assessments and ear and eye examinations.

Julie treats all conditions. Referral for medical advice will be recommended where blood tests or medical examinations are required.


HERBAL MEDICINE - Julie specializes in treating with both liquid extracted and dried herbal medicines (teas). Herbs are complete products unlike pharmaceuticals (which have only one component extracted for use). By using whole and natural products, there is often less likelihood for side effects to occur. Each herb has several different actions within the body and with Julie's extensive training in herbal medicine she can select from her dispensary range of over one hundred liquid herbs to specifically tailor your herbal mix and prevent you from having to take several different products (as could be the case where tablets are already preprepared in a one for all approach).

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS - Are you lacking certain minerals or vitamins? Are you absorbing the nutrients in your diet? Julie assesses your diet thoroughly to see if you may be deficient in any macro or micro nutrients. If so, Julie advises on what nutritional changes can be made to rectify the deficiency and if needed will prescribe the nutrient required until the deficiency is corrected.

HOMOEOPATHICS - Homoeopathics work energetically, emotionally and physically to rebalance the body. Julie stocks a small homoeopathic dispensary. She also will make up her own creams and lotions as required incorporating homoeopathics, herbs and flower essences (or a combination thereof) eg.arnica homoeopathic and rescue remedy flower essence plus appropriate herbs in a rich vitamin E based cream - for swelling and bruising.

FLOWER ESSENCES - These work well to rebalance emotions and are literally essences of different flowers which each have their own healing powers. Julie stocks the FES and complete Bach Flower range.

EAR CANDLES - Hollow candles (similar to a thick 20cm straw) made of honey, bees wax and herbs are marginally inserted into the ear. This provides warmth and a slight vaccuum which loosens and withdraws ear wax into a collecting point of the candle and restabilizes inner ear pressure. It is suitable for vertigo, sinus conditions, migrainne, headache and removing excessive ear wax. This therapy has been used by American Indians for centuries and Julie teams the experience with traditional American Indian music playing in the background whilst delivering the therapy.

TISSUE SALTS - The body is primarily composed of twelve minerals. If any of these minerals are low, a specific set of symptoms may appear (eg. low natrum phos causes excess acid conditions - eg. gout or arthritis). Therefore correcting these mineral deficiencies may help to rebalance and eliminate symptoms and disease.


INITIAL CONSULTATION - $50 (Both standard and concession)
Takes approximately an hour.

RETURN VISITS - $40 Standard or $35 Concession
Takes approximately half an hour.

Prescribed natural medicines are available in Julie's clinic dispensary. Prices are advised prior to purchase and kept affordable. Julie also encourages the return of the amber medicine bottles for sterilizing and re-use to keep prices low for the patient.

Eftpos facilities present and gift vouchers available.

Monday to Friday: 9am - 7pm (by prior appointment)
Sat: Only open for appointments made prior to Friday 6pm.

Julie is a recognized practitioner for private health insurance rebates and Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Julie also treats most animals naturopathically too.




Phone: (03) 5222 2611

Julie has completed a four-year degree in naturopathy and is now qualified with a Naturopathic Degree (ND). Julie also completed an Advanced Diploma in Food Technology gaining her a further 3 years insight into food analysis, food composition and nutrition.

*Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
*Diploma of Applied Science (Food Technology)
*Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Service Categories
Flower Essences, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutrition

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