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Eildon Power Station

Eildon Power Station consists of two 67MW generators, one commissioned in 1956 and the other in 1957, and two 7.5MW generators. These 7.5MW generators were initially retired in 1971 and were recently re-commissioned in 2001.

Water from Lake Eildon is delivered to the power station by a steel-lined pressure tunnel seven metres in diameter and 366 metres long. On discharge from the power station the water flows into a regulating pondage for controlled release into the Goulburn River. This pondage allows flexibility in the operation of the power station. Water can be taken from the reservoir for power generation at times of the day when electricity demand is highest. It is held in the pondage, then discharged into the river at a uniform rate to meet Victorian irrigation needs.

Eildon Power Station operates mainly during the summer when irrigation water is released, but there is provision for limited output in winter. AGL Hydro can draw an agreed amount of water from the reservoir each year to generate electricity at any time.

The limited quantity of water available under this special arrangement is not sufficient for sustained generation, but it is very useful in helping to meet the short-lived peaks in electricity demand. On average the Eildon Power Station produces about 225 million kWh of electricity per annum.

The station is remotely controlled from AGL's permanently staffed Control Centre in Mt Beauty.

Goulburn Murray Water controls releases to meet irrigation requirements.


Current lake levels
Current lake levels can be obtained at the Goulburn Murray Water web pages.