Zvukovacz SFMan

Zvukovacz SFMan allows for soundfont loading/unloading, browsing and previewing. Currently loaded soundfonts can be previewed by both using MIDI input or a built-in virtual keyboard.

SFMan should work on Windows XP/2000 machines equipped with a soundfont conformant soundcard (such as Soundblaster Live) and an appropriate driver (either kX Project driver or Creative Soundblaster driver). However so far it's been tested and proved to run ONLY on Windows XP with Sound Blaster 5.1 Live and kX Project driver. Original Creative driver should be supported as well, but this compatibility maintenance was stopped after migration to kX Project. Consider migration as well! ;o))

 Download current release executable

 Download current release source code

Note, many features are not finished and debugged so it's quite likely you will encounter some misbehaviours and inconveniences. I'm not apologizing as I provide the app AS IS and with no guarantees... The work on improvements is still in progress. Any comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome and greatly appreciated.
One more note for developers: The code is surprisingly ugly and messy you wouldn't even believe how hugely mind-bogglingly messy it is! :-) It needs much clean-up and refactoring so in case you intend to extend it I would recommend you to wait till next release...

The code is based on Thomas Hammer's OSC MIDI library and exploits some code from several different freeware libraries. Thanks to mindcracker.com, codeprojet.com, codeguru.com, kX Project guys (LeMury) and some other sources I don't know their URLs, but Google does! Thanks to Google.com as well :-))

I hope you will enjoy the app! Send me a message if you find it useful. Thanks.

Zvukovacz .o)
SFMan snapshot