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What is ?

Blastwave is a software service for Solaris x86 and Solaris Sparc users

Blastwave is a collective effort to create a set of binary packages of free software, that can be automatically installed to a Solaris computer (sparc or x86 based) over the network. Blastwave has a substantial build server farm for the use of the software developers and maintainers in the Solaris community. All software is built and tested in a standardized build environment using Sun ONE Studio 8, Sun ONE Studio 10, Studio 11 tools as well as GCC.

      There are currently 1582 software packages in standard SVR4 package format
      ready to use and easily installed with “pkg-get”. Please see the “crontab list
      for the most recent 400 software packages released. The list is updated often.

      The software is delivered in the form of two “branches” of package files. There is
      the “unstable” branch and the “stable” branch. As one would expect the packages in the
      “unstable” branch change quite often. New software is added and updates are released
      continuously. The “stable” tree also exists and it changes once per quarter year at most.
      Each of these branches contains the same list of software packages for Solaris™ on
      either UltraSparc™ or the x86/AMD64 architectures.

      The current branch sizes in bytes are thus :
  • 3623326175 bytes in unstable branch for sparc
  • 3363274929 bytes in stable branch for sparc
  • 3377794704 bytes in unstable branch for x86 & AMD64
  • 3121447463 bytes in stable branch for x86 & AMD64
      Last update was at Wed Sep 20 06:00:02 EDT 2006

Please click here to see recent activity.

wireshark 0.99.3 Released by Alessio Cervellin
Wireshark 0.99.3 Released :
Aug 23, 2006 Wireshark 0.99.3 has been released. Security-related vulnerabilities
in the SCSI, DHCP, ESP, and Q.2931 dissectors have been fixed. See the advisory
for details.

This release adds ESP, Kerberos, and SSL decryption in the Windows installer.
It also adds support for AirPcap, a new product from CACE Technologies that
allows raw 802.11 captures under Windows.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the 0.99.3 release notes.

OpenSSL  0.9.8c   5 Sep 2006 released for Solaris by Derek Morr
The OpenSSL project recently discovered a flaw that could allow an
attacker to generate a forged RSA signature that OpenSSL will accept as
valid. This vulnerability is resolved in OpenSSL 0.9.8c.

We recommend that you immediately upgrade your openssl package by running:

pkg-get -Uu openssl

Note that services linking against the openssl shared libraries will
need to be restarted.

For more information, please see


You Can Get Involved
If you would like to contribute your time to this effort, please sign up!

Packaging standards for CSW packages are publically available for reading. The general principle is,

      “provide a straightforward, easy-to-use experience for the user.

Want to contribute some binary packages?

Then please read the packaging standards documentation, and sign up to maintain a package!

We Have a Network of Mirror Sites
Current public mirrors.

We have a limited number of public mirrors. If you have the bandwidth and disk space to spare, please let us know!

See the official package mirrors page for the list of mirrors, and instructions on how to install packages.

Currently Available Packages
We have a full list of pkg-get visible software, with descriptions

Actual pkgadd type names are not shown in the above list.

When using pkg-get, you will deal with the more human-readable names seen in the leftmost column of the description list in the above link. However, you can easily identify packages in "pkginfo" output, because they always start with "CSW". Additionally, if you click on a specific package in the above page, it will tell you the pkgadd name if you really need to know it.

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