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Welcome to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Web site. Our aim is to provide you with up-to-date information about the ISAF mission, roles, and organisation. ISAF is a UN-mandated Operation; the United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs) 1386, 1413, 1444, 1510, 1563, 1623 1659 and 1707 give further information.

JFC Brunssum Crest ISAF is operated under the auspices of NATO with Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum in
charge of the
overall operations.


ISAF hand over new fire fighting equipment in Helmand Province

18 September 2006 - LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan

Fire Chief, Khadar Nasar Khan, took possession of new fire fighting equipment from ISAF personnel of the Lashkar Gah Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Helmand yesterday. ...

ISAF, Afghan Forces launch operation in Western Afghanistan

18 September 2006 - FARAH, Afghanistan

Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army troops began Operation Wyconda Pincer today, supported by ISAF forces. ...

IED attack inflicts casualties in Kandahar Province

18 September 2006 - Central Helmand, Afghanistan

Four ISAF soldiers died today when their patrol, conducting operations in preparation for aid distribution, was attacked by a suicide bomber. The attack occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m. in Zhare District, Kandahar Province. Several soldiers and many local civilians were also injured by the blast. ...

Afghan Security Forces supported by ISAF rescue Government workers

17 September 2006 - Central Helmand, Afghanistan

On the 14th of September Afghan Security Forces, supported by ISAF, rescued three Government workers. ...

Op MEDUSA success in Panjwayi/Zhari Districts

17 September 2006 - KANDAHAR, Afghanistan

Afghan, ISAF and Coalition forces have successfully cleared the Panjwayi area, forcing Insurgent forces to abandon their positions. ...

Insurgent suicide bomb wounds three locals in Kandahar

17 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

A suicide bomber attacked an ISAF convoy on highway one in Zhare district at around 0900 today, wounding three local Afghans. ...

17 insurgents killed placing explosive devices in Uruzgan Province

16 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

An ISAF patrol spotted insurgents placing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on a road close to an ISAF base in central Uruzgan last night. ...

ISAF Spend 300,000 Euros to fight Drought in Badghis Province

16 September 2006 - QWALA I NAW [Badghis], Afghanistan

ISAF aims to bring water to an area often struck by drought, by completing various water projects in Badghis Province this week. ...

Shops damaged in Taliban attack reopen in Kandahar

16 September 2006 - KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan

Three shops, damaged during an August 22nd suicide attack in Kandahar that left one Canadian soldier and one Afghan child dead, reopened for business yesterday with some help from the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). ...

ISAF pledge $190,000
to repair vital bridge in Farah

16 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

ISAF’s Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Farah have obtained $190,000 USD of funding to make emergency repairs to a vital bridge. ...

ISAF build new Mosque at
Afghan National Army Camp

16 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

ISAF’s Norwegian led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Meymaneh building a new mosque at Meymaneh’s Afghan National Army (ANA) camp. The Norwegians have been rebuilding the camp since early July. ...

Secretary General welcomes
Polish Afghanistan offer

The Secretary General today welcomed the Polish offer to increase its troop levels in Afghanistan in the coming months. This will represent a significant increase on the current levels of Polish forces in the country. . ...

Australian Reconstruction Task Force
On The Ground

14 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

The first of around 400 Australian soldiers have arrived in Afghanistan and are setting up their base in Uruzgan Province. The Australian commitment is in partnership with the Netherlands and forms part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force’s mission expansion into Southern Afghanistan. ...

Australian Reconstruction Task Force deployed to Afghanistan

13 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

Australia's contribution to ISAF's Netherlands-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Tarin Kowt is known as the Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) and will be a mix of engineers and security personnel. Deployed to Afghanistan for up to 2 years, the task force will work on reconstruction and community-based projects...

Operation MEDUSA update for Sept 13

13 September 2006 - KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan

Afghan security forces and ISAF troops advanced further into Panjwayi and Zhari districts today, meeting as little resistance as they did yesterday. ...

ISAF provide anaesthesia equipment and training for Maimana Provincial Hospital

13 September 2006 - KUNDUZ, Afghanistan

ISAF’s Norwegian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Faryab Province donated anaesthesia equipment to Maimana provincial hospital earlier this week. ...
Given to the public hospital were an anaesthesia machine with a ventilator ...

ISAF/CFC-A Joint Press Conference
Speaking Notes

13 September 2006 - KABUL, Afghanistan

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