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Cadbury Trebor Bassett
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The Cadbury Flake bar was originally launched in 1920. The concept of the Flake was discoved by a Cadbury employee who filled the chocolate moulds. Once the moulds were full, the excess chocolate used to spill over the edge and fold down in a stream of chocolate. Once this stream cooled, the Flake product was created as the texture had many thin layers of chocolate and was very crumbly and flakey!

Image of Flake MomentsIn 1930 the Flake 99 ice cream accompaniment was introduced and then in 2001 the Snowflake (a crumbly white chocolate Flake centre covered in milk chocolate) was launched.

In 2003 the Cadbury Flake Dipped was introduced where consumers can enjoy all the benefits of the Flake withouth the mess - ideal for on the go.

In September 2004 Cadbury Flake Moments were launched, a selection of miniature milk chocolate and white chocolate Flake pieces, which extended the Flake brand into the giving market - creating the ideal gift.

In October 2004 the Cadbury Flake Praline was the latest addition to the "Flake Family" - the crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate, nestled in a rich hazelnut praline -ideal for those more indulgent moments.

A variety of different sizes of multipacks, Flake cakes and Ice cream cornets are now also widely available.


A true chocolate indulgence, its crumbly texture means that it forces you to stop what you are doing and devote your full attention to eating it.


Cadbury Flake has a very strong advertising history dating back to 1976 when the strapline 'The crumbliest, flakiest chocolate' was introduced. The advertising used to feature a woman who is choosing to enjoy her Flake moment in a unique, and dramatically indulgent way. However the more recent Cadbury Flake advertising campaigns in women's press do not show the Flake woman but empowers the reader to imagine their own Flake moment.

Did you know?

Over 100 million Flake 99s are sold every year.