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What Are Maintenance Standards Guidelines

By Bud White, Senior Agronomist
June 23, 2006

Does your golf course have maintenance standards guidelines? Does your green committee, board of directors, or management know them well? If your new committee members are appointed each year, do you go over these guidelines? If your course does not have them – do you want them?

These are all valid questions. And yes, your course would greatly benefit from this document. In the September/October ’05 issue of the Green Section Record, http://www.usga.org/turf/green_section_record/2005/sep_oct/setting.html

Todd Lowe does an excellent job of discussing the details and inclusions of maintenance standards guidelines for golf courses. I visit a growing number of courses that are developing these guidelines and are finding that they greatly reduce questions and disagreements on maintenance between the superintendent, pro shop, and membership. This is especially true on key maintenance programs such as core aeration, topdressing, fall overseeding, and spring transition.Begin developing this document for the good of the maintenance operation and the course. It can bring an entirely new level of continuity to the course.

If you have further questions or wish to discuss developing your maintenance standard guidelines, please give me a call at (972) 662-1138 or via email at budwhite@usga.org.