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The View from an Astronaut's Eyes

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Apollo Mission Traverse Maps

This gallery features several maps showing routes the astronauts took during extravehicular activities (EVAs).

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[Map: Apollo 11 Traverse Map]
Apollo 11
Traverse Map
800 x 482, 110 kilobytes
[Map: Apollo 11 Photos and Video]
Apollo 11
Photograph and television pictures map
(Baston and Larson, 1969)
1192 x 1148, 146 kilobytes
[Map: Apollo 12 Traverse Map]
Apollo 12
Traverse Map
800 x 511, 151 kilobytes
[Map: Apollo 14 Traverse Map]
Apollo 14
Traverse Map
800 x 608, 126 kilobytes
[Map: Apollo 15 Traverse Map]
Apollo 15
Traverse Map
800 x 601, 147 kilobytes
The imagery and maps were prepared as part of a project by a USGS team under funding from the USGS Technology Transfer Program and NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program. Dr. Christopher D. Condit (U. Massachusetts) and Mr. Richard Kozak provided scientific and technical assistance. Contact Kenneth L Tanaka (, Dennis McMacken (, or Glenn Bennett (, for additional information.

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