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Demonstrating Co-operative Difference
The Key Social and Co-operative Performance Indicators

Please click here for a pdf factsheet about the KS&CPIs

In January 2001 the Co-operative Commission identified co-operative and social performance as being one of the key contributors to the future success of the co-operative sector.

Its virtuous circle model reminded the Movement that co-operative enterprises are in business to fulfil their co-operative purpose; by achieving commercial success they are able to invest in their co-operative and social goals, creating a co-operative advantage.

The business case for actively managing co-operative and social performance is becoming increasingly clear, particularly for values-driven organisations such as co-operatives.

Illustration of the cover of the latest edition of the Guidance Notes

For example, The Co-operative Bank has calculated that 30 per cent of its £130m profit can be attributed to its ethical stance, United Co-operatives' commitment to the environment has seen energy reduction projects save the Society £2m, while the Co-operative Group estimated that in 2003 the positive media coverage of its ethical campaigns was equivalent to £4.9m in advertising.

A working group, embracing member organisations and experts in the field of social reporting, has been working closely with officers of Co-operativesUK to plan the roll out of indicators designed to improve co-operative and social performance (KSCPIs)and shape how these can be recorded within members' Performance Monitoring Report. Over two years of hard work and a process of full consultation with member organisations has gone into developing the ten indicators.

A new version of the Guidance Document is now available on this page.  The paragraphs of the Guidance Document are now numbered to allow for easy reference to the reporting framework.  Members can access the reporting framework for worker co-operatives and employee-owned businesses by clicking on the link below:


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