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11/21/2000 2:00 PM, Yahoo! Music
Soren Baker

People who complain that all hip-hop sounds the same have never listened to OutKast. On their fourth album, the Atlanta-based duo deliver another knockout of an album, one as diverse as Dennis Rodman's hair styles. Dre and Big Boi again reinvent themselves, this time as Parliament-inspired musicians who specialize on male-female relationships, boasting, and out-there lyrics.

Easily the more experimental of the two, Dre distorts his voice, sings in falsetto and raps in cosmic-coded lyrics on many of the 17 songs, including the irresistible single "Ms. Jackson." In fact, much of the album remains upbeat, straying from the introspective and political slant much of OutKast's earlier work. But this is one party worth experiencing. "BOB" explodes in revved-up adrenaline, while "So Fresh So Clean" is smoother than freshly lotioned skin.

With another nearly flawless album, OutKast arguably solidifies their reputation as one of the best hip-hop groups of all time.

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