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The mission of the Scleroderma Research Foundation is to find a cure for scleroderma, a life-threatening and degenerative illness, by funding and facilitating the most promising, highest quality research and by placing the disease and the need for a cure in the public eye.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation dedicated to finding a cure for scleroderma and, until it is found, helping patients to live longer, fuller lives. Founded in 1987 by scleroderma patient Sharon Monsky, the SRF continues to mobilize and develop an acclaimed research program focused on the highest quality medical research.

Sharon Monsky succumbed to her long and heroic struggle against scleroderma in May of 2002. Thanks in large measure to exemplary leadership, a dedicated organization of staff and scientific advisors, and tens of thousands of generous people around the world, the work that she started continues to inspire and generate progress for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from scleroderma around the world.

Today, the SRF funds groundbreaking science at some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions and is leading the way in the search for a cure. Through nationwide public awareness efforts and an innovative research approach that brings together the best of business, government, science and medicine, the SRF has raised millions of dollars for critical scleroderma research.

The SRF is fortunate to have access to many of the best scientific minds in America to guide its research program and has assembled a group of world-class Scientific Advisors to counsel a committed Board of Directors on both current investigative proposals and the most promising directions for future success.

A key component of the SRF’s approach to solving the scleroderma puzzle is the Foundation’s annual scientific workshop, where critical insights are obtained and collaborative relationships are established and reinforced among researchers, clinicians, and private industry. These are then built into the funded programs.  

Through careful selection of submitted research proposals and focused engagement of experts in disparate areas of science and medicine, the SRF has put together a diverse portfolio of projects enabling important progress in understanding and treating scleroderma.

The SRF serves as a catalyst to attract new people, and new energy into the field.  By actively seeking leading researchers in related fields (e.g., vascular biology and genetics) and recruiting young post-doctoral scientists to dedicate their early careers to the mysteries of scleroderma, the Foundation infuses new ways of thinking and accelerates progress. A number of top scientists have now engaged in SRF programs, even though scleroderma had not been their prior focus.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation has raised more than $16 million exclusively from private sources over the past 17 years. Over $12 million has been put into the research efforts, including our workshops.

The SRF is committed to raising money from philanthropically-minded individuals, foundations, and corporations who are not intimately connected to scleroderma. We believe that these efforts build awareness and a potentially broad base of financial support. These resources can substantially amplify the resources raised within the scleroderma community.

The right people and technology are in place and are making a difference. With continuing support from generous individuals and private partnerships, the SRF will expand its pioneering research program to find potential therapies - and ultimately a cure - for scleroderma.



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