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monkey, l'Hoest's


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L'Hoest's monkey is another African species with a studbook held at Edinburgh Zoo (see Diana monkey); in other words, the conservation breeding programme for L'Hoest's is managed here.


In fact, if you visit you will see the first L'Hoest's monkey born in Scotland - a young female called Semliki (born 15/03/02). She also has a young brother, Kisizi, and the two spend much time playing together, building up their strength and learning the skills required for movement among the branches in their enclosure.


In the wild most of this monkey's range lies in the rainforest in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Family groups number from five to 25, living on a mixed diet that includes fruit, seeds, roots, eggs, insects and small lizards.


In fact, in our Monkey House the L'Hoest's enclosure is just beside the food 'prep room'. You can watch food being prepared for all the primates living in the House - Old World and New World monkeys as well as lemurs, from Madagascar.


If you want to find out more about this species, try these web sites:


BBC Science and Nature

US Fish and Wildlife Service





common name

l’hoests monkey or mountain monkey


Mount Cameroon and East Congo to West Uganda and Rwanda


montane forest


fruit, leaves and insects


~ 5 months

no. of young



up to 30+ in captivity

IUCN status

near threatened

additional information

These animals live in small female-dominated groups with only a single male.

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