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Console Tools

OpenPorts NEW!
openports.zip - 37kb
OpenPorts is our favourite console tool - small but powerful, it that allows you to see all open TCP and UDP ports on your system, including the owner process! For Windows NT4/2K/XP.

CmdLine NEW!
cmdline.zip - 13kb
CmdLine is a unique process listing tool for Windows NT4/2K/XP that uses an undocumented technique to reveal the full commandlines (with all parameters!).

xwhois.zip - 21kb
XWhois is an advanced yet simple-to-use utility for looking up information on registered domains and addresses, to find out things such as the owner of the domain, their email address, their billing address, phone number, and so on. As an example, if somebody from thespammer.welovespam.com was sending you unsolicited email, you could do a Whois lookup on "welovespam.com" to find out the owner of the domain.

httpget.zip - 15kb
Download files from the web

pwreveal.zip - 11kb
Allows you to see the passwords behind most PassChar-protected text\editboxes in memory (allowing you to see behind the "*****" fields). There is also a stay-resident option, and a patch option that can actually remove the PassChar protection from such password-protecting boxes on the fly.

passdump.zip - 6kb
PassDump is similar to (and based on) PWReveal, but with just one goal - PassDump simply dumps to the console the text from any PassChar-protected textboxes that it can find.

CPU Info 
cpuinfo.zip - 17kb
Determines CPU type, vendor, serial number, and clocks CPU speed.

SHA-160 Hash 
sha160.zip - 8kb
Calculates 160-bit checksums from files.

IP List 
iplist.zip - 12kb
Enumerates network interfaces, showing all bound IP addresses, their broadcast addresses, and their netmasks

ping.zip - 17kb
Use ICMP Ping to determine if a machine is responding to standard requests.

resolve.zip - 16kb
Resolve an IP address to it's DNS address, and vice versa. Also performs a reverse-resolve

sendmail.zip - 18kb
Send email (and even attach a file) using any SMTP server

tracert.zip - 17kb
TraceRoute uses specially-crafted ICMP Ping requests to trace a map of the computers between you and the target address. It is particularly useful to determine the ISP of the target.

uptime.zip - 6kb
Determines how long your computer has been alive for (in days/hours/minutes/seconds)

adjustcr.zip - 7kb
File conversion - replaces UNIX-style line-feeds with Windows-style carriage-return & line-feed

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