Here you can provide an overview of my projects to yourself.

    Task: Linux Administrator
    Employer: GEGA Software- und Medienservice, Andreas Marx
    Period: since March 2000

    My task essentially consists in to test the Linux, BSD and Solaris products. The administration of the test net appertains to my range of tasks, too. You can read the Test results on our webpage. I also wrote an article over it, look in the journal FreeX 03/00(see Publications).

    Reader and Consultant

    Task: Counter reading, revivion and deliberation to manuskripts
    Employer: Computer- und Literaturverlag GmbH
    Period: from time to time

    On the occasion of undertake I unskilled labours for the Computer- und Literaturverlag, for example the check/correction of a book manuscript. The publisher is a regarded specialized book publisher in the IT business and editor of the journal FreeX.

    KMail-Plugin for Netscape

    This Plugin makes it possible to use KMail in place of the Messengers for example if one clicks on a mailto link. Unfortunately, the Messenger can not become used more than News client(Knode is started as alternative ones).

    Download Plugin(Version 0.12)