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Welcome ZX81 friends! This site - which will be always under construction - offers you some ZX81 applications and games. They are sorted in certain fields like racing-games or 3d-games. You can download them directly by clicking on the marked word. All files are packed with PKZip. There are also links to ZX81-related sites and ZX81-emulators for download. New on this page is a section for emulator utilities and three new rooms for the gallery. This homepage is designed for any browser.
If you have any comments or suggestions about this page or anything else you want to say, you can send me an e-mail:
New (07/97): Take off P81 announcement, facelifting for new browsers (although still looking ok on older ones), added Multi-Machine (ZX81 emu for Win95), added Carlo Delhez homepage.

A short description of the ZX81
This is taken and translated from my ´History of homecomputer´ page.

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ZX 81 - Frequently Asked Questions
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Utilities for Emulators

ZX81 emulators

DOS doesn't mean that it runs not under Windows as well. You can use them under Win95 in a DOS box (preferably full screen mode). Some emulators run even on other emulators e.g. you can use the Atari ZX emulator on a PC using a good ST emulator.
Written by Matthias Jaap
Last update: 16/7/1998

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