The Project 81
Official sister site of Project 64

I thought about a 'Project 81', a project similar to the 'Project 64'. The goal of Project 64 is to preserve C64 documents like manuals and some other. By translating manuals into etexts, the documents will exist for a long time. Each manual is also a bit of computer history and should be preserved.
The 'Project 81' needs your partizipation! If you have manuals or ZX81/80 related documents just send an e-mail to me what you want to convert. You can also send e-mail me if you desperately need some information. I think the limitations and rules will be similar to those ones in Project 64.
Etext number 1, Conquistador, is just a very tiny example of how an etext could look like. Please participate and we'll perhaps reach a huge amount of etexts. All is welcome - brochures, game manuals, instruction manuals and other ZX81 relating documents.
Software/Hardware related
Game related

Written by Matthias Jaap
Last update: 07-16-97

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