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Event description

IPv6 interoperability tests in Mobile IPv6, NEMO, IPsec, IKE

IPv6 conformance tests in  IPv6 Core Protocols, IPv6 base specification, Neighbor discorvery, ICMPv6, Mobile IPV6 etc


IPv6 Ready Logo phase 1

Date & location

11 - 15 October 2004, Sofitel Royal Casino, Mandelieu, France


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Regular sponsor of the event

Number of participants and companies

 40 people coming from 16 different participating companies

Press release

Are you ready for IPv6?

 Testing services

Provided by TAHI, IRISA

and additional tests from Navtel, NEC and Nici


4,1 out of 5 answered by 89,5% of participants.

Quotes from participants

"Test, Interop, Exchange ideas and enjoy too !!" Ranjitsinh Wable, SAMSUNG

" We could find many bugs which might not be found without the Plugtests. It is good to have a chance to connect as many different implementations as possible." Keiichi Shima, WIDE PROJECT

"IPv6 Plugtests helpded us to test our IPv6 stack in many scenarios which were unable to test in our lab" Syam Madanapalli - SAMSUNG

"Plugtests enabled us to move from being simply code complete to being fully functional and compatible" Simon Turvey, SYMBIAN

Where else can you get such a chaotic and realistic test environment ? In your own lab, you think that everything is ready, but here you realize how much there is still to be done."