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Mine and UXO Victims
August 14, 2006
September 10, 2006

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1,191 974,184 30,000
Dead Displaced by the war Homes destroyed
4,405 200,000 78
Injured Current refugees Bridges hit
“Our choice is clear. We have chosen life... We have overcome wars and destruction over the ages. We shall rise up again."
Prime Minister Fuad Siniora (26/07/2006)
Relief Distribution to-date
  • 611,915 Weekly adult food baskets
  • 27,039 Weekly children food basket
  • 583,988 Hot family meals
  • 145,425 Blankets
  • 142,482 Mattresses

    Bodies of 5 Children Found in Rubble 2 Months on
    UN to Wrap up Emergency Humanitarian Operations October 24
    Libya Sends New Aid Shipment, 2,000 Tons of Food, Medical Aid and Machinery
    Saudi Popular Campaign to Send Six Convoys of Aid, 250,000 Food Baskets
    U.N. Urges Israel to Hand Over Cluster Bomb Coordinates
    HRC Statement: Concerning Some Media Claims Regarding Aid Supplies Sold on Local Market
    Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Need of Urgent Repairs
    Rapid Lebanese Recovery Allows WFP To Wind Up Operations
    Half a Million Cubic Meters of Rubble Removed from Dahyeh
    Thousands in South Lebanon Lose Income
    UNDP Assisting in Rubble Clearance in Southern Suburb, Funds Campaign with $20 million



    Kofi Annan Report on Resolution 1701


    H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's speech at the Stockholm Conference


    H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's Statement on the Eve of the Deployment of the Lebanese Army in the South


    UN Security Council Resolution 1701


    Article by H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora Published in The Guardian


    Article by H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora Published in the Washington Post


    H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's Statement to the Arab Foreign Ministers


    H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's statement at the Islamic Summit held in Kuala Lumpur


    The Seven Steps of H.E. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora’s Plan


    Prime Minister Fuad Siniora’s Statement to the Diplomatic Corps


    Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's Statement on the Occasion of the Qana Massacre


    Prime Minister Siniora's address to the Rome conference


    Address to the Diplomatic Corps By the Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Fuad Siniora Grand Serail, Beirut, July 19, 2006


    Address to the Lebanese people By the Prime Minister H.E. Mr.Fuad Siniora Grand Serail, Beirut,


    Statement of the Council of Ministers


    Statement of the Council of Ministers

        Rapid preliminary damage assessment
    The European Union response to the crisis in Lebanon

    US Presidential Business Delegation Visits Lebanon, Assess Damage
    British Firm Gets Contract to Clear Battle Area of UXOs
    Prefabricated Housing Units Manufacturer Begins Rebuilding Facilities
    Lebanon hopes U.N. force can boost tourism
    Lebanon: Supporting Small Business
    Bush Names Delegation to Help Lebanon Reconstruction
    Three Percent of Oil Recovered, Two Thirds of Coast Fouled by Slick
    Traders Association Calls for Government Rescue Plan to Help Restore Markets
    Lebanon Moving Closer to Early Recovery Phase
    World Bank Awards Lebanon $70 Million Grant for Reconstruction
    UAE Program Supports Rebuilding of 115 Schools in the South
    International Assistance Needed to Cut the Size of Public Debt: Azour
    Tourism Body Calls For Major Effort To Aid Lebanon
    Reconstructing Lebanon: Short and Longer Term Challenges
    Beirut Marathon to be Held November 26


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