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Election results - 1 May 2003

Tables showing the results of the May 2003 elections, who was elected and the turnout - all sorted by ward.

Fernhill Ward

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Martin Anthony Coule The Labour Party Candidate


Kenneth Henderson Muschamp The Conservative Party Candidate 596 Elected
Richard Edwin Shaw Liberal Democrat 424


Candidate Party Result Turnout
Hazel June Manning Liberal Democrat 229
Stella Christine Olivier The Labour Party Candidate 369
Arthur Uther Pendragon
commonly known as KING ARTHUR
Independent 86
Jon Paul Weston The Conservative Party Candidate 738 Elected


Candidate Party Result Turnout
Roderick John Baulk The Conservative Party Candidate 195
Neville Michael John Dewey Liberal Democrat 587 Elected
Clive Patrick Grattan The Labour Party Candidate 236

West Heath

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Philip Arthur Collins The Labour Party Candidate 144
Gary Alan Cowd English Democrats Party 123
Stephen John Masterson The Conservative Party Candidate 581
Shaun Patrick Joseph Murphy Liberal Democrat 687 Elected

St John's

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Martine Joy Howell Liberal Democrat 408
Graham John Tucker The Conservative Party Candidate 676 Elected


Candidate Party Result Turnout
Stephen Martin Chowns Liberal Democrat 534
John Jeffrey Wall The Conservative Party Candidate 940 Elected
Christopher Mark Wright The Labour Party Candidate 199

Cove & Southwood

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Brian Jupp Liberal Democrat 691 Elected 34.03%
James Richard Page Green Party 39
Edward Frederick James Shelton The Labour Party Candidate 130
David John Thomas The Conservative Party Candidate 545


Candidate Party Results Turnout
Roland Leslie Geoffrey Dibbs The Conservative Party Candidate 742 Elected 39.42%
Martin George Kaye Liberal Democrat 382
Keith Phillip Parkins Independent 355
William John Tootill The Labour Party Candidate 119

St Mark's

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Diane Beverley Bedford The Conservative Party Candidate 648 Elected 31.42%
Barry Jones The Labour Party Candidate 149
Alistair James Mackie Liberal Democrat 618

Wellington Ward

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Nickolaus David Burfield Liberal Democrat 145
Samantha Jayne Hunt Stacey Green Party 54
Robert Jonathan Sullivan The Labour Party Candidate 222
Francis James Williams The Conservative Party Candidate 383 Elected

North Town

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Carolyne Lindsey Culver The Labour Party Candidate
Elected 27.79%
Peter Sandy Liberal Democrat

Adam Julian Stacey Green Party

Neil Johnathan Watkin The Conservative Party Candidate

Manor Park

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Peter Ian Charles Crerar The Conservative Party Candidate 654 Elected 33.7%
George Paparesti Liberal Democrat 607
June Smith The Labour Party Candidate 187


Candidate Party Result Turnout
Mohammad Salim Choudhary
commonly known as CHARLES
The Conservative Party Candidate 710 Elected 32.65%
Jill Clark The Labour Party Candidate 239
Julia Rosetta Fowler Green Party 83
Philip Geoffrey Thompson Liberal Democrat 287

Heron Wood

Candidate Party Result Turnout
Donald Cappleman The Labour Party Candidate 545 Elected 27.0%
Ian Colpus Liberal Democrat 206
Andrew Michael Hankins The Conservative Party Candidate 408

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