Volume 84, No 9: September 2006

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AVA welcomes mulesing pain relief

Monday 29th August 2005

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) today welcomed the granting of a permit by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for a new mulesing pain relief product.

“We strongly support the development of products that enhance the welfare of animals through the relief of pain,” said Dr Makin.

The APVMA has approved the use of Tri-Solfen, a topical anaesthetic & antiseptic solution for pain relief in sheep.

“This has the potential to reduce the pain and discomfort experienced by sheep after they have been mulesed.

“Once a permit is approved by the APVMA, the product can be used by both sheep producers and/or mulesing contractors under the direction of a registered veterinary surgeon and not necessarily by the veterinary surgeon themselves.

“As a result, if the product proves successful, it is expected that use of this process could soon become widespread across Australia where mulesing is applied.

The AVA accepts the practice of mulesing as a necessary sheep husbandry procedure to prevent breech strike. Breech strike is a common form of fly strike in weaner sheep and ewes, resulting in pain and distress. At the present time, mulesing is the most effective method of preventing breech strike and provides lifetime protection.

It is acknowledged that the procedure is accompanied by pain, but there is ample evidence in scientific literature that unequivocally establishes the positive health and welfare benefits conferred upon sheep in the Australian environment by correct mulesing.

“This is a much-anticipated step in the right direction but the Australian Wool industry should remain focussed on its commitment to develop and implement an alternative to mulesing by 2010.

“AVA policy supports continued research into alternative methods of blowfly control that does not involve surgical removal of skin from the breech region,” said Dr Makin.

Download: AVA2005-034-AVA welcomes mulesing pain relief.pdf

Contact: Eddie Ripard
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