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NORAD Maintains Northern Vigilance

Sept. 9, 2001

CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN AFS, Colo. � The North American Aerospace Defense Command shall deploy fighter aircraft as necessary to Forward Operating Locations (FOLS) in Alaska and Northern Canada to monitor a Russian air force exercise in the Russian arctic and North Pacific ocean.

�NORAD is the eyes and ears of North America and it is our mission to ensure that our air sovereignty is maintained,� said Lieutenant-General Ken Pennie, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of NORAD. �Although it is highly unlikely that Russian aircraft would purposely violate Canadian or American airspace, our mission of vigilance must be sustained.�

NORAD-allocated forces will remain in place until the end of the Russian exercise.

NORAD conducted operation Northern Denial from December 1 to 14, 2000 in response to a similar, but smaller scale, Russian deployment of long-range bombers at northern Russian air bases. NORAD-allocated forces were deployed to three FOLS, two in Alaska and one in Canada. More than 350 American and Canadian military men and women were in involved in the deployment.

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