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Timeline of the July War 2006 
Key events in the latest crisis between Israel and Lebanon

Israeli offensive killed 1,287 in Lebanon: official tolls

The Israeli offensive on Lebanon has left at least 1,287 people, nearly all civilians, dead and 4,054 wounded, according to an AFP count based on official figures on Saturday 19 August 2006:
  • At least 1,140 civilians -- 30 percent of them children under 12 -- have been killed along with 43 Lebanese army and police troops in the month-long offensive that ended on Monday, the state High Relief Committee said.The HRC tolls do not count people still believed to be under the rubble in various locations across the country.
  • The Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah has announced the death in action of 74 combatants while the allied Amal movement lost 17 militants.
  •  The radical pro-Syrian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) of Ahmad Jibril said two of its militants were killed in Israeli raids.
  • Israeli strikes also killed four United Nations observers and one member of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).
  • Six people were killed and 13 others wounded by the explosion of Israeli bomblets since the cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah went into effect on Monday, police said.

Events on Monday 14th of August, the 34th day of the conflict in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah (last day):

  • Cessation of hostilities comes into effect at 0500 GMT.
  • Israeli air strikes around Baalbek in northern Lebanon kill seven people, 30 minutes before truce.
  • Israel says a Hezbollah fighter was killed in a clash after the ceasefire
    At least 1,150 people, mainly civilians, have died in Israel’s bombardment of Lebanon.
  • Israel says it will maintain its air and sea blockade of Lebanon because of alleged Hezbollah arms smuggling.
  • Israeli army says some of its troops are withdrawing from Lebanon.
    A UN aid convoy heads to southern port of Tyre, the first such delivery of aid for several days.
  • Displaced Lebanese start to return to their homes.
  • Northern Israeli residents emerge from shelters.
    Lebanon’s UN ambassador says he thinks his country will be« the last state to sign a peace treaty with Israel ».
  • The Israeli army announces the deaths of two soldiers, bringing the total of Israeli troops killed to 117.
  • Israel drops leaflets over Beirut blaming Hezbollah for the destruction in Lebanon and warning it would respond to any future strikes.
  • Hezbollah distributes posters claiming « divine victory ».
  • The UN warns of the danger of unexploded ordnance, estimated to be one in 10 of every shell, bomb and rocket fired and droppped on Lebanon.


August 14 :

August 14

Cessation of hostilities comes into effect at 0500 GMT, with seven killed in Israeli strikes minutes before deadline.

» Israel maintains Lebanese air and land blockade and ban on road traffic as displaced Lebanese start to return home.

» Hezbollah fighter killed by Israeli troops, the first post-truce casualty.  



August 13 :

» Israeli cabinet accepts Resolution 1701.

» Hezbollah backers Syria and Iran voice support for resolution.

» At least 13 civilians are killed as Israel pushes Lebanon offensive.

» An Israeli man is killed by a Hezbollah rocket.


August 12 :

August 12» The UN Security Council unanimously adopts a resolution calling for an end to the month-old war.

» Israel expands its ground offensive in south Lebanon losing 24 soldiers in its heaviest single-day toll.

» Despite the continued fighting, Lebanon and Israel appear set to accept the resolution.

» Lebanese cabinet accepts Resolution 1701.

» Annan says Israel and Hezbollah agree to end fighting 0500 GMT on August 14



August 11 :

August 11
Twelve civilians killed and 15 wounded in Israeli raids.

» One Israeli soldier reportedly killed and 16 wounded in clashes with Hezbollah.

» Opinion polls show sharp drop in support among Israelis for government handling of the offensive.

» UN peacekeepers evacuate hundreds of Lebanese security forces and civilians from barracks occupied by Israelis in southern Christian town of Marjayun.

» Olmert orders army to prepare to launch expanded ground offensive after diplomatic efforts stumble.



August 10 :

August 10
Israeli tanks thrust into Lebanon as troops seize southern border town of Marjayun and occupy Lebanese army barracks.

» Israel says it has put wider offensive on hold to give diplomacy chance.

» One Israeli soldier killed in southern Lebanon, and two people killed by Hezbollah rocket in northern Israel.

» Annan calls for UN Security Council resolution on conflict by the end of week.



August 9 :

August 9» Israel's security cabinet decides to expand ground war.

» Israeli warplanes kill 11 people, including a Hezbollah official and his five children, in raids across Lebanon.

» Israeli casualties now stand at 65 military and 36 civilian dead.

» Kiryat Shmona is first Israeli town to be evacuated since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.

» France and the United States hold new talks to overcome divisions on a Security Council resolution calling for an end to hostilities.

»Aid agencies say relief supplies are paralysed by Israeli bombing of roads and bridges.



August 8 :

August 8» One Israeli soldier killed in clashes which leave 15 Hezbollah fighters dead, Israel says. Official Israeli army toll now 62.

» Defence Minister orders contingency plans for larger ground offensive.

» Israeli air force drops leaflets on south Lebanon, threatens to attack any moving vehicle. Aid agencies warn of threat to relief supplies.

» Olmert says Lebanon's troop deployment proposal "interesting," but other officials say it could be "smokescreen" for Hezbollah.

» At least 50 people dead after raids on previously-spared Beirut district (Shiayh).

» UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urges Israel and Hezbollah to "respect their obligations under international humanitarian law." Arab ministers meet with UN Security Council.



August 7 :

August 7» Israeli raids kill 69 Lebanese civilians; official Lebanese toll now more than 1,000 dead and around 3,500 wounded.

» Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says "no limits" imposed on army.

» Three Israeli soldiers die in clashes in Bint Jbeil.

» Arab League ministers meet in Beirut.

» Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora demands changes to UN draft, seeks backing for his own peace plan including Israeli withdrawal, boosted UN force, Lebanese army deployment in south and disarmament of Hezbollah.

» Lebanon calls up reservists, offers to deploy 15,000 troops at border.


August 6 :

» Israel's bloodiest day so far: 12 soldiers die in rocket attack on Kfar Giladi near border, three civilians killed and 160 wounded in Haifa.

» Israeli raids on Lebanon kill at least 12 civilians, one soldier and one pro-Syrian Palestinian militant.

» Hezbollah says three fighters killed, taking its announced toll to 51.

» UN Security Council debates Franco-US draft resolution demanding "full cessation of hostilities", but Lebanon reject it and Hezbollah says it will stop fighting only if Israeli troops leave Lebanon.

» Damascus warns of regional war if Syria is attacked.


August 5 :

August 5

» Day 25 -- Israel pounds Lebanon in heaviest bombardment yet.

» One Israeli killed near Taibe and eight commandos wounded in raid Israel says killed four senior Hezbollah members in

» Warplanes strike Beirut's southern suburbs for third straight night.

» The UN, US and France at odds over the first UN resolution on the conflict.



August 4 :

August 4

» At least 23 people, most Syrian, killed in Israeli raid at Qaa on Lebanese-Syrian border.

» Israel hits Sohmor power station, cutting electricity to Bekaa Valley and south Lebanon.

» Official Israeli now 43 soldiers killed in Lebanon and 31 civilians dead in rocket attacks.

» Hezbollah fires 220 rockets at Israel, including one at Hadera 40 km north of Tel Aviv in deepest strike so far.


August 3 :

August 3
» Israel launches fresh air strikes on Beirut after a lull of several days.

» Muslim nations demand immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.

» Eight Israeli civilians and four soldiers killed on bloodiest day for Israel so far.

» Hezbollah chief threatens to rocket Tel Aviv.

» Lebanese official toll over 900 civilian dead and 3,000 wounded.



August 2 :

August 2
» Israeli commandos swoop 100 kilometres (60 miles) inside Lebanon in raid near Baalbek, seizing five men they allege are Hezbollah militants and killing 16 civilians, including seven children.

» One man was killed and 19 were wounded as 160 rockets hit the north of Israel -- the biggest single-day barrage of the conflict. Some rockets struck near Beit Shean, some 60 km (37 miles) from the Lebanese border, the deepest strike so far by Hezbollah.

» The devastation caused by three weeks of Israeli bombardments in Lebanon has created losses of 2.5 billion dollars, says most recent official figures.


 August 1 :

August 1

» Israel's security cabinet gives army green light to push up to 30 kilometres (19 miles) into southern Lebanon. Defense Minister Amir Peretz says goal is to pave the way for deployment of international force.

»Israel concedes it will be unable to completely wipe out Hezbollah's rocket arsenal.

»Israeli ground troops expand south Lebanon offensive and engage Hezbollah guerrillas in fierce fighting around flashpoint border town of Bint Jbeil.



July 31:

July 31

» Israel declares 48-hour halt to air strikes on Lebanon as Rice leaves Israel.

» One Lebanese soldier is killed by Israeli naval fire.

» Israel vows to expand its offensive in Lebanon and predicts its war on Hezbollah will "change the face of the region."

» Israeli warplanes strike the southeastern Lebanese border village of Taibe.


July 30: 

» At least 52 Lebanese civilians killed in Israeli air strike on Qana.

» Lebanon calls it a "war crime" and demands immediate ceasefire.

» Israel blames Hezbollah and says it is in "no rush" for a ceasefire.

» Hamas warns "all options open" against Israel after Qana.

» Israel attacks Masnaa border crossing into Syria.

» Israeli ground troops fight Hezbollah outside Taibe in new cross-border incursion.


July 29:

July 29

» Israel rejects UN call for three-day humanitarian truce as US.

» Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice returns for conflict talks.

» Israel air strikes kill 14 Lebanese civilians.

» Lebanon coast polluted with oil after Israel air strike.


July 28:

July 28


» Israel blasts south Lebanon for 17th day as more reservists mobilised.

» US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice mulls Middle East return.

» Israeli army to deploy Patriot anti-missile batteries near Tel Aviv.



July 27:

July 27


» Israel decides to step up air assault and mobilize extra reserve troops.

» EU says could contribute peacekeeping forces if UN resolution allows.




July 26:

July 26» Israeli air raid kills up to four UN observers on the Lebanese border in what UN chief Kofi Annan calls "an apparently deliberate targeting".

» Fifteen-nation summit on the Middle East conflict begins in Rome with Annan calling for an "immediate cessation of hostilities".

» Fighting intensifies with 13 Israeli soldiers reported killed fighting Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

» First UN aid convoy heads from Beirut to war-torn southern Lebanon.

» Rome summit ends with no commitment to ceasefire.


July 25:

July 25


» Olmert vows to press on with Israel's two-week-old offensive in Lebanon.

» Israel says it has taken control of the border town of Bint Jbeil, a Hezbollah military stronghold. No independent confirmation.

» US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, holding talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, says it is "time for a new Middle East".



July 24:

July 24» Rice visits Beirut in "show of support" for Lebanese people and calls for a ceasefire as soon as viable.

» Two Israeli soldiers are killed in battles with Hezbollah, while two airmen die in a combat helicopter crash in northern Israel.

» The army says two Hezbollah militiamen are captured by troops and brought to Israel.

» Egeland launches an urgent appeal for 150 million dollars to help 800,000 civilians made homeless by Israeli raids on Lebanon.



July 22July 23:

» Syria warns that it will respond if Israel invades Lebanon.

» Defence Minster Amir Peretz says that Israel supports the deployment of an international force in southern Lebanon, possibly sponsored by NATO.

July 22:

» Israel masses thousands more reservists on Lebanese border.

» Israeli aircraft hit transmission towers for television stations and mobile telephone networks.


July 21:

July 21


» Israel calls up thousands, warning of possible invasion of Lebanon.

» Lebanese civilians flee from south; foreign nationals' exodus continues.

» Hezbollah rejects UN plan for halt to hostilities and release of Israeli soldiers.



July 20:

July 20



» Foreigners pour out of Lebanon by land, sea and air, heading for safety in Cyprus, Syria and Turkey.





July 19


July 19:

» At least 70 civilians killed on deadliest day of Israel's Lebanon offensive.

» Two Israeli soldiers killed in border clashes.




July 18:

July 18» Helicopters and ships dispatched to evacuate foreigners.

July 17:

July 17» Israeli strikes kill 43 Lebanese.

» Hezbollah rejects Israeli ceasefire terms.

» Annan calls for end to hostilities, suggests UN "stabilisation force" along Lebanon-Israel border.

» UN Security Council fails to agree on ceasefire call.


July 15July 16:

» Eight Israelis killed by Hezbollah rockets on Haifa.

» Syria warns it will respond by all means necessary to any Israeli attack.

July 15:

» Hezbollah attacks Israeli warship, killing four sailors.

» Eighteen civilians killed in Israeli attack.



July 14

July 14:

» Israel bombs Beirut home of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, who declares "open war".

» Israel sets conditions to end offensive: halt rocket attacks, release its soldiers, and Lebanon to implement UN resolution on Hezbollah disarmament.

» Two Israelis killed by rocket fire from Lebanon.



July 13:

July 13» Israel bombs Beirut airport, kills at least 44 civilians in air strikes across Lebanon.

» Two Israelis killed by Hezbollah rockets.

» Russia, France, Britain and Italy criticise "disproportionate" use of force by Israel. US blames "terrorists who want to stop the advance of peace".

July 12:

» Hezbollah captures two Israeli soldiers and kills eight.

» Israel launches air strikes and sends ground troops into Lebanon for the first time since its 2000 pullout.



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