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Annual Report and Accounts 2005 - 2006

A growing membership

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The 2006 Census return indicates a small but highly encouraging increase in membership. The news is significant in that this is the first positive growth in
overall membership figures since 1993.

Growing MembershipGrowth in adult membership has a direct impact on youth membership, highlighting our continuing need to focus on the recruitment and retention of adult volunteers. We have
an excellent programme in place - we now need enthusiastic, motivated adults willing to deliver it locally. Some 28,500 young people are on our waiting lists wanting to join the adventure of Scouting.

‘The growth of the Association is also a measure of its increasing diversity.’

Our female membership grew by 11.1% this year (girls now make up 12.5% of all our young people). Year on year improvements have also been made in representation
among adults and young people from the diverse cultural mix that is Scouting.

Aim: To grow our membership and to have fewer but stronger Groups.

Achievement: The membership has increased to 446,352 while the overall number of Groups has reduced by 178 with higher average membership in each remaining Group.

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