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Playhouse Disney Channel

Children aged 2-5 can play, learn, discover and create with a very special new channel.  Playhouse Disney Channel provides an unparalleled line-up of award-winning preschool programmes that reflect Disney-quality storytelling, including the popular shows JoJo's Circus, Higglytown Heroes and the exclusive NZ premiere of Disney's Little Einsteins.

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Playhouse Disney Channel is available on channel 41 in Digital.

The Disney Channel

The Disney Channel has everything from the Wonderful World of Disney with great family movies like Monsters Inc, Lilo and Stitch, and Atlantis the Lost Empire, plus animation series, sitcoms and dramas.

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The Disney Channel is available on channel 40 in Digital.

Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network provides high quality, family-oriented entertainment for kids and parents alike. 

Launched by Turner Broadcasting System Inc. in October 1994, it draws upon more than 10,000 cartoons from the Turner library produced under the MGM, Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera banners. 

The network features such popular cartoon characters as The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Jetsons, Top Cat, Swat Kats, Captain Planet and Tom & Jerry.  In addition, Cartoon Network introduces brand new series such as Astro Boy, Duck Dodgers and Teen Titans.

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The Cartoon Network is available on channel 41 in Digital.

Nickelodeon New Zealand

Nickelodeon, the TV channel just for kids, is the widest distributed kids network in the world and the leading entertainment brand dedicated exclusively to kids, 2-14 years old.   Launched in the United States in 1979, Nickelodeon in New Zealand is a fully customized 24-hour channel reflecting the lifestyle and playful attitude of kiwi kids.

Nickelodeon showcases a diverse range of programming genres, including animation, live-action, comedy, game shows and pre-school programming in the Nick Jr. block, all aimed at kids in New Zealand.  Shows including the award-winning SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues and more, all live at the home of Nickelodeon.

As a leader in the kid’s entertainment business worldwide and one of the largest producers of children’s television programming in the world, Nickelodeon has built its brand on a decidedly kids point of view, with the mission to connect with kids and connect kids to their world through entertainment.

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Nickelodeon is available 6am-4pm on channel 7 in UHF and 24-hours-a-day on channel 42 in Digital.

Shine TV

Shine TV's mission is to provide a Christian lifestyle channel which upholds traditional values - and in so doing, become a market leader in New Zealand television.

Shine Television brings chat shows, cartoons, documentaries, international news, interviews, movies, music, teaching and a whole host of other programming for the young, the not so young and everyone in between, targeted to different groups throughout the day.

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Shine TV is available on channel 99 in Digital.

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