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Brockman Romero Papers

On February 22, 1977, Oscar Romero became Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador. He and five other Jesuit priests were murdered in El Salvador on March 24, 1980.

During Romero's tenure as archbishop, the Catholic Church and the Jesuit order were under constant attack by the military government of El Salvador. Catholic Church associations became dangerous. Many Salvadorians and foreign priests were deported or murdered.

Romero could not turn his back on the violations the government imposed upon him and the people of El Salvador. He became an outspoken voice of the poor Catholic people of El Salvador. He was both a hero to church members and an enemy of the military rulers of El Salvador. Romero was considered an enemy of the government because he would not keep silent about the injustices.



Finding Aid

This historical collection about Oscar Romero and martyrdom in El Salvador was generated by Rev. James R. Brockman, S.J. Brockman's interest in El Salvador and Romero can be traced back to his position as associate editor of America magazine in New York from 1974 to 1980.

The research materials and publications cover the life and murder of Oscar Romero and the persecution of the church in El Salvador between 1977-1993. The papers also contain research materials and publications which were used by Brockman as background for his three books: The Word Remains: A life of Oscar Romero (1982); and Romero: A life (1989), a revised and expanded edition of The Word Remains; and a further revision of the same work still unpublished as of 1994.

For more information, please refer to the Brockman Romero Bibliography.



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