Mary Everlyn Parker

Evelyn Parker will long be remembered for her lengthy tenure and diligent service as state treasurer of Louisiana; however, her work as a public servant began almost 20 years prior to her election to public office.

Evelyn began her governmental career as Executive Director of the Louisiana Department of Commerce and Industry in 1948. Active in the Democratic Party, she was a member of the National Democratic Committee from 1948-1952 and later served as chairperson of the White House Conference on Children and Youth.

Locally during that time, she worked as the Executive Director for the Department of Commerce and Industry, was chairman of the Board of Public Welfare and served as president of the Louisiana Conference of Social Welfare. She also led several state boards, and was the first woman to be elected Treasurer in Louisiana - a position she held for 20 years before retiring.

Having been honored for her service numerous times through the years, in 1976, Mary Evelyn was named Baton Rouge's "Woman of the Year," and in 1987, awarded an honorary doctorate from Northwestern State University. She is also listed in "Who's Who of America."