Cardinal Arithematic
at Work , 2004
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The Victor Rothschild Memorial Symposium
The Institute for Advanced Studies

Midrasha Mathematicae

Cardinal Arithmetic at Work

23 March - 29 March, 2004

Organizer: Menachem Kojman

Matt Foreman (University of California, Irvine)
Stefan Geschke (Free University, Berlin)
Moti Gitik (Tel Aviv University)
Greg Hjorth (UCLA)
Istvan Juhasz (Renyi Institute, Budapest)
Menachem Kojman (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
William Mitchell (University of Florida, Gainsville)
Saharon Shelah (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Hugh Woodin (University of California, Berkeley)
Jindrich Zapletal (University of Florida, Gainsville)

The purpose of the workshop is to provide up-to-date information about
important and exciting developments in cardinal arithmetic that took place
in the last two decades: pcf theory, $\Omega$-logic, inner model theory
and forcing of the continuum. Then the workshop aims to re-examine the
question of how modern knowldege of infinite cardinals can be used in
mathematics. Such knowledge allows one to re-adjust old conceptions as to
what can be done with cardinal arithmetic in ZFC, and provides the means
for selecting the most suitable set-theoretic techniques for attacking
problems that are not decided in ZFC.The workshop is intended for set theorists as
well as for researchers in related areas - like set theoretic topology and model theory.

APPLICATIONS: The School is intended for advanced graduate and post-doctoral students. Registration fees: $275.
(100 NIS for Israeli students) Hotel accommodation: $320.Scholarships covering substantial portions of travel and
accommodation are available to qualified applicants. Candidates must fill in an application form and send a C.V.,
an abstract of research interests and a letter of recommendation. For application forms contact The Institute for
Advanced Studies, either by Fax: 972-2-6523429 or E-mail: An application form can be found
on this web site. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 29.2.2004
There will be 2 points credit for participating in the workshop and an extra point for the presentation of a poster.