Counter-Reply: Martin Luther's Mariology (Particularly the Immaculate Conception)
Has Present-Day Protestantism Maintained the "Reformational" Heritage of Classical Protestant Mariology?

Dave Armstrong vs. James Swan


I. Overview of Catholic and Protestant Treatment of Luther's Mariology

II. Have Catholic Apologists Exaggerated the Mariology of Luther and Other Early Protestant Leaders?

III. Lutheran Scholar Arthur Carl Piepkorn: Luther's "Life-Long" Belief in the Immaculate Conception

IV. The Mariology of the Lutheran Confessions

V. Did Luther "Minimize" or Reject Various Aspects of Traditional Mariology in His Later Years?

VI. Cardboard Caricatures of Medieval (and Orthodox Catholic) Marian Piety

VII. Immaculate Conception, Part One: The Fathers and Mary's Sinlessness

VIII. Mr. Swan's Inconsistent Use of Catholic Scholar Hartmann Grisar / Citation Disputes

IX. Immaculate Conception, Part Two: Theological Misunderstandings

X. Immaculate Conception, Part Three: Scholarly Opinion Concerning Luther's Beliefs

XI. Concluding Thoughts

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