Bernie Sanders: An Ineffective Extremist And Extremely Ineffective

Sanders Passes A Law Once Every 14 Years

From 1991-2005 Sanders Sponsored 155 Bills; Only 1 Became Law.

Sanders’ Latest Bill Was Overwhelmingly Rejected With Over 300 Congressmen Voting Against It.

  • World Trade Organization Withdrawal – Passage. “Passage of the joint resolution that would withdraw the United States' approval from the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization.” (H. J. Res. 27, CQ Vote #239: Rejected 86-338: R 39-185; D 46-153; I 1-0, June 9, 2005, Sanders voted Yea.)

In Bernie’s World, 300 Congressmen Voting Against One Of The Only Bills He’s Ever Brought To The Floor Is Progress. “No, I’m not dispirited at all. Congressman Paul five years ago made a great effort bringing forth the amendment and today we got 50% more votes. We went from 56 to 86 votes.” (CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” June 9, 2005)

Instead Of Sponsoring Legislation That Could Help People In Vermont, Sanders Pushes Futile Legislation That Even He Acknowledged Had No Chance Of Passing. “Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., one of the sponsors of the WTO withdrawal resolution, acknowledged it has no chance of passage, but he still pressed his case.” (Stephen J. Norton, “Rejection Expected As House Considers Resolution Ending U.S. Participation In WTO,” CQ Today, June 8, 2005)

An Overview Of Sanders’ Ineffective Legislative Career:

  • 109th Congress: Sanders Sponsored 10 Bills And Only 1 Bill Has Made It Out Of Committee So Far

  • 108th Congress: Sanders Sponsored 17 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

  • 107th Congress: Sanders Sponsored 24 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

  • 106th Congress: Sanders Sponsored 18 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

  • 105th Congress: Sanders Sponsored 26 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

  • 104th Congress: Sanders' Sponsored 30 Bills – Bernie Gets His Only Law Passed

  • 103rd Congress: Sanders Sponsored 15 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

  • 102nd Congress: Sanders Sponsored 15 Bills And 0 Made It Out Of Committee

(Thomas Legislative Information Website,, Accessed June 8, 2005)

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Kay Bailey Hutchison
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