Visitor's Alcove for Blast: The Spatial Drive and The Pocket Dictionary of Spatial Drives 
September 27, 1992 - January 3, 1993 
Window on Broadway 

"Through the '80s and increasingly in the '90s, a configurative type of art has been appearing that combines the qualities of site-specificity with those of the discrete art object, yet is distinct from both. It is neither determined by its site, nor closed off from its surroundings; it is structured both in terms of an internal system of relations, and through the relations it establishes between itself and the site or sites in which it is installed . . . Along with the site, it embraces the viewer as a crucial, mobile component, an integral aspect of a variable system of spatial relationsÑfor the system alters as the viewer moves. Emphasizing the peripatetic nature of art 'viewing,' along with the function of context in providing a frame, the art work seems to reside in the layered and shifting perceptual relations between configured objects, the viewer, and elements of the space itself."
Laura Trippi, exhibition brochure.

"In its light, modest material touch, its spacey pop-philosophical tone, and its hands-on approach, the kind of work represented in The Spatial Drive adds up to one of the few recognizable styles the 1990s have produced so far."
Holland Cotter, "Abstractly to Zealously, a Glossary of Ways to Use Space," The New York Times, October 3, 1992.

"Ultimately, the most interesting thing about this show was the involvement of the museum guards, who instead of fading into the background, became active participants in the show and seemed to be having a wonderful time."
Eleanor Heartney, "The Spatial Drive," Artnews, January 1993.


















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