August 2005
NCAA bans use of Indian mascots, names
July 2005
Colorado Ute Tribes Announce $1.2 Million Pledge as Host Sponsors of the 2006 North American Indigenous Games
June 2005
NASC receives grant to conduct national Olympic-Style Amateur Boxing and Wrestling Championships
June 2005
Denver Post - Olympic hopefuls in Sports Warrior Games
Ellison Myers "Tarzan" Brown
DOB: 1914
Olympic Year: 1936 Berlin, Germany. 1940 Helsinki, Finland (Cancelled)

Ellison Brown traveled to Germany with the 1936 US Olympic Team as a marathon runner. Brown was disqualified after straying off course when a German spectator misguided him. Ellison competed in the Boston Marathon from 1934-40 and again in 1943 and 1946. He was a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon in 1936 (2:33:40) and 1939 (2:28:51). In the 1936 Boston Marathon his initial pace was so fast he passed the first checkpoint before the press and their vehicles got there. In the 1939 Boston Marathon he was the first runner to break the 2-1�2 hour mark for the marathon. After the 17-mile mark he also broke every checkpoint record. In 1939 Brown entered two different 26-mile races within 24 hours of one another, and he won both races. In 1939 he accomplished this feat twice. Ellison Brown qualified again for the 1940 Olympic team, but the Olympic games were cancelled due to the start of World War II in 1939.

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