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The first project developed in SIBS' scope of activity was the design and launching of a shared ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) network, which started operating on September 1985 with the setting of 12 terminals in Lisbon and Porto.


Ten years after its foundation the network had 3.745 equipments, and today 10.720 Multibanco ATMs are available to bank customers, processing in average 60 million operations per month.


The network offers a wide range of operations, some of them since the beginning, such as cash withdrawals and the consultation of account balances and transactions.


Throughout its lifetime, thanks to the special attention given to the needs of Bank Institutions and to the constant capability of technological innovation, new operations and functions have been introduced, some of them deserving a special reference due to the enormous acceptance they had near the public, such as payment of services, allowing the payment of the so-called "utilities" (water, electricity or gas supply, etc.) as well as mobile phones from different operators.


Besides that, the flexibility and quality on the development of applications supporting the service, allows banks to provide special services accessible only to their customers, differentiating their services contributing to a healthy competition.


The network operates in permanent connection with SIBS' information system, allowing a high level of service quality and safety with permanent monitoring of terminals operation.



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