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Along with the already known ATM (CA-MB), EFTPOS (TPA-MB), TeleMultibanco (TMB) and MBNet services, SIBS developed other innovative initiatives, taking advantage of the established infrastructure and the acquired technological capacity.

SIBS highlights the Via Verde service (presently in collaboration with Via Verde Portugal, S.A.) and the possibility of implementing in the issuers channels (in particular in the websites of the adherent banks) most of the operations already available in ATM.

Via Verde

After the creation of the toll payment service by means of reading a card and without entering the PIN code, SIBS developed in 1991, in collaboration with Brisa, a new method of toll payment, Via Verde. This is presently regarded as a particularly innovative and effective initiative. In order to access the service, the user will have an identifying device to be attached to his/her vehicle and will link the device to a bank account from which the toll payments will be taken weekly. This can be done in the ATM network or in channels made available by the user's bank (namely Netbanking)

Since September 2000, the Via Verde service is being managed by Via Verde Portugal - Gestão de Sistema Electrónicos de Cobrança, S.A., a company created by SIBS and Brisa. Already within the new organization structure, the Via Verde service was extended to car parks.

ATM operations carried out in the banks' own channels ("host-host" operations

Considering the existing infrastructure for the transmission and handling of data between SIBS and the banks, it became possible in the end of 2000 to make available some ATM operations - transfers and payments - in the banks' own channels,  namely Netbanking and phone banking.

The main purpose of this service is to offer to the institutions that participate in the ATM system the possibility of offering their customers the access to ATM operations in the bank's own environment.



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