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Click on this hyperlink if you are here just for a quick visit to the Dinosaur Genera List. Otherwise, have fun looking around at some of the dinosaur stuff I’m involved with and interested in. More links, to descriptions of my publications and their status reports as well as to other interesting dinosaur websites, appear following the pictures. (Maximize your screen for best reading and viewing.)

This website was redesigned 11/10/00. It was last updated 3/5/06. It is due for a massive update very soon.

The Japanese Dino-Magazine Is Back! Dino Press #1

THE FIRST ISSUE of Dino Press appeared in August, 2000, and the second issue was published January, 2001. This magazine fills the hole vacated when the late, lamented Dino Frontline terminated at #13. It is loaded cover to cover with photos, color and black-and-white artwork, and comprehensive articles on the latest dinosaur discoveries and theories, written by professional paleontologists and respected science writers. The best part is that each issue sold outside Japan comes with a separate English translation of all the Japanese text.

Press #2
Starting with the SECOND ISSUE, Dino Press features my regular column “Dinosaurs 2001,” which reports on newly described dinosaurs from around the world. Each column has a color life restoration by well-known dinosaur artist Luis Rey and a skeletal reconstruction by my dino-pal Tracy Ford .For issue #2, Luis Rey’s painting, depicting the fabulous new parasaurolophine lambeosaurid Charonosaurus from northeastern China, recently unearthed from great bonebeds along the Amur River, wound up on the cover. This dinosaur is the subject of my first “Dinosaurs 2001” column. Other articles in issue #2 include an illustrated summary of dinosaurs from South America by premier Argentine paleontologist Jose Bonaparte, an account of the discovery of the world’s most complete Allosaurus skeleton at Dinosaur National Monument, a dinosaur-art article by Mark Hallett, and a description of the new Brazilian titanosaur Gondwanatitan.

Press #3
The THIRD ISSUE was published the third week of April, 2001 and features the second installment of my “Dinosaurs 2001” column, this one on the new tiny theropod Microraptor from Liaoning, China and the Archaeoraptor controversy. Luis Rey painted Microraptor for the cover. Other articles not to be missed include one on Hypsilophodon by Peter Galton, another continuing from the previous issue on the dinosaurs of South America by José Bonaparte, another on the new theropod “Saltriosaurus” from Italy, and lots of information by artists on bringing dinosaurs back to life.

Press #4
The FOURTH ISSUE was published in July, 2001 and carries the third installment of “Dinosaurs 2001,” on the Triassic sauropod Isanosaurus from Thailand and its implications for our understanding of sauropod evolution. It also features the first of a three-part series by me describing the Birds Came First (BCF) theory of dinosaur evolution. Other articles include more on Hypsilophodon by Peter Galton, a report on a new kind of pachycephalosaurid (still unnamed) from the site where tyrannosaur “Sue” was discovered, an article on meat-eating dinosaurs by Ralph Molnar, and a very nice article on spinosaurids by Berislav Krzic. Another issue not to be missed!

Press #5
The FIFTH ISSUE appeared in October, 2001 and carries the fourth installment of “Dinosaurs 2001,” a guest column by British paleontologist Darren Naish on Eotyrannus lengi from the Isle of Wight, a probable basal tyrannosaurian. It also features the second of my three-part series on the Birds Came First (BCF) theory of dinosaur evolution, as well as a very interesting article on poorly known but nevertheless very distinctive theropod dinosaurs by Ralph E. Molnar. The cover, again by Luis Rey, shows Eotyrannus trying to catch a Valdosaurus for dinner. Editor Masaaki Inoue told me that Japanese readers are finding my BCF series very interesting. He also noted that the illustrations on pages 109 and 111 had been inadvertently interchanged (oops!).

The SIXTH ISSUE will appear in January, 2002 and will carry the third and final part of my article on the Birds Came First (BCF) theory of dinosaur evolution. And I will be back with “Dinosaurs 2002” on the weird small Madagascar theropod Masiakasaurus; Luis Rey’s cover painting is already done. He sold at least one T-shirt emblazoned with it at the 2001 meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

You cannot order Dino Press directly from me. Rather, you must go to the Black Hills Institute website. For more on Dino Press magazine, go to the Dino Press website.

Mesozoic Meanderings #3 Is Now Available!

Mesozoic Meanderings #3

$35.00 postpaid, no waiting!

If you want to know the names of all the dinosaur species, this is the book to buy.

“A handy little reference book to have on your shelf,” according to one customer for Mesozoic Meanderings #1 a long time ago, when the list was only 50 pages long.

The third issue of Mesozoic Meanderings comprises six tables that together form a checklist of all the world’s dinosaur species (not just genera) known to me whose names have ever been published anywhere, sorted alphabetically by continent, from 1763 right through to the publication date, May 1, 2000. Valid species, invalid species, synonyms, renamings, and even some of the most egregious misspellings are all listed and completely annotated. Besides the tables and a new introduction, this issue also features descriptions of the three genera of tyrannosaurian dinosaurs I named in a Japanese article published in 1995. (And a fourth dinosaur genus is proposed as a replacement name for a preoccupied genus.)

This attractive booklet, with spot illustrations of dinosaur skeletons by Tracy Ford, is large-format 8½"×11", comb-bound to lie flat, and 159 pages long: title page, contents page, ten pages of introductory text, 134 pages of species lists, and a 13-page Appendix. There is ample margin space for the reader’s own annotations.

The first printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3, in a press run of 115 copies, is now available directly from me. Copies #1–15 are slated for reviewers and for deposit in institutions for purposes of copyright and nomenclature; copies #16–115 are for sale, first come, first served. All copies are signed and numbered by the compiler (that’s me, George Olshevsky). When the last of these copies sells out, I will have a second printing of another 100 copies (incorporating revisions, corrections, and additions to the previous printing), and so on, for as long as sales continue. Lowest number now available is #70. My publications sell briskly once they become available.

NO WAITING, ALL COPIES WILL BE SENT WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT OF PAYMENT. Mesozoic Meanderings #3 is designed for easy updating without needing the extensive textual rewrites that have hung up some of my previous publishing projects for years.


United States orders: Send check or money order for $35.00 payable to

George Olshevsky
Post Office Box 161015
San Diego, California 92176–1015

This is my new mailing address.

All orders will be shipped postpaid at book rate. Add another $2.00 to your payment if you want priority mail.

Foreign orders: Send check or money order for $40.00 payable in US funds and drawn on a US bank (other suggestions include foreign drafts in US dollars, International Postal Money Orders in US dollars, or Travelers Cheques in US dollars, if these are available) to the above payee and address; the extra $5.00 covers the additional cost of mailing and customs declarations, etc., involved in foreign orders. SPECIAL TRADE OFFER for foreign customers only (particularly from Russia, Mongolia, China, India and other hard-to-reach localities): In view of the inordinate obstacles placed in the way of foreign book sales by postal services and US banks with their collection fees and so forth, I would be most interested in trading copies of Mesozoic Meanderings #3 for foreign dinosaur publications that are scarce or unavailable here. E-mail me at with details before sending anything, to make sure I need the item(s) you are offering in trade.

Special offer for people who have paid for but not yet received Mesozoic Meanderings #2 third edition: The third edition of Mesozoic Meanderings #2, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Mesozoic Meanderings #3, is still a long way off. If you are one of the approximately two dozen people who have paid for issue #2 and have not yet received it, I’ll gladly send you a copy of issue #3 in place of #2 if you want it. (Then, of course, you’ll have to buy issue #2 separately when it’s finally ready.) E-mail me so I can check my records before sending your replacement copy.

ANKYLOSAUR WALL CHARTS are now back on sale! I finally got around to unpacking my old box of Ankylosaur Wall Charts, which had followed me around the country during my moves of the mid-1990s. They wound up in Tracy Ford’s Dino-Hunter truck for a while, and this autumn we carried them up to Bozeman, Montana for the 2001 meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. They are a bit beat up after 22 years (I printed them in 1979), not to mention out of date, so I am offering them at a discount: $2.00 each, or wholesale at $10.00 for a lot of ten. Shipping is $3.00 extra, which includes the cost of a mailing tube.

The wall charts display in a phylogram all the better-known ankylosaur genera of 1979, and the text covers all the ankylosaur species known as of that year. Despite their little faults, I sold 38 of them at the SVP meeting at Luis Rey and Tracy’s table; there’s still some life in them! I’ll sign each wall chart (except in wholsesale orders) I sell, on request. Everything on the chart is my own work: layout, text, typography (had my own phototypesetting machine then), and art. Just send your check, payable to me, for $2.00 times the number of charts you want plus $3.00 shipping to my mailing address above, and I’ll ship your charts by return mail. Foreign orders please email me at for details.


Apatosaurus model
I’m looking for a congenial home for my Jonas Brothers/Sinclair Apatosaurus machette: a 1/10-life-size scale model of the life-size 1964 Sinclair Pavilion New York World’s Fair Apatosaurus, mounted on a plaque. It’s about seven feet long and two feet tall, and has the wrong head (of course). It is the biggest of the dinosaurs Jonas Brothers worked on (naturally). I don’t know how many of these machettes were made, but there weren’t very many for each of the Sinclair dinosaurs—perhaps only two or three (one other Apatosaurus is at an Alabama golf course, I’ve been told). I’ve owned the model for about 15 years, give or take a year, and had it decorating my office, but now that I’m setting my office up at home, it’s crowding me. A plaster model painted in acrylics (I think), it’s basically in superlative condition—there are just a few tiny spots where the paint is wearing off—and a real eye-grabbing conversation piece: A sculpture of genuine historical interest and a world-class dinosaur collectible—provided you have the room(!) and about enough $$$ to buy a good used car. Shipping and crating will be a problem: the model weighs a good 50 lbs, probably more, and needs careful handling. If you want it, consider driving a van to San Diego to pick it up in person.

Serious interest/offers respond by e-mail to, please.

Status reports on my publications, and my biographical information, are presently being updated. They will be linked to this Home Page as soon as they’re ready!

My present regular e-mail address is Let’s hear from you!

If you are, perchance, interested in polyhedron models, take a look at my other website: Polycell’s Home Page.

Likewise, if you are interested in convex uniform polytopes in four-dimensional space, you might enjoy the complete tabulation of them at my Uniform Polychora website.

Name and Location:

George Olshevsky
Post Office Box 161015
San Diego, California 92176–1015

Hobbies and Interests:

Dinosaurs, polyhedron model-building, and geometric figures in higher-dimensional spaces; spent 21+ years (1967–88) collecting Marvel superhero comics and working on the (computerized) Marvel Comics Index, which resulted in the publication of a total of 53 volumes during 1975–88.

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